Eu Amo Vocês! Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So to start off the email this week, our sewage backed up this week and we have been having some real problems with that, and its taking forever for them to come to fix it, so being eagle scouts, we have been inventing others ways to get rid of water in our house, haha it is getting interesting haha. We have been seeing monkies tons in this area, they are so cool, they walk all over the power lines. We have this crazy lady progressing for baptism, she smokes but she didn't smoke today, she is just eating tons of candy. That's the secret medicine to stop smoking! So I have conquered my nail biting habit, me and my comp made goals about that, I couldn't chew my nails and he couldn't touch his face and if we did we had to do 45 pull ups at night, so after a couple failures and some good work outs I have beat the habit well I think so, it has been a couple days since I have put my hands in my mouth. So these last couple days there have been devil worshiping marches here, they play drums and chant, haha they are nuts, we passed them the other day and there were two people dressed up like a king and queen, I have no idea why, but they were, and I'm pretty sure we got on a video that they were making, we are going to be famous! Alright well that is my week! Have a great week! Life is joyful!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swimming caps for a baptism!

Hey everyone this week was great, had some awesome baptisms and a lot of happiness, I am loving it in this area, the ward is huge and there are a lot of returned missionaries to help us out, we are having some great family nights and receiving awesome references, we are going to have another baptism this next week! The Lord is amazing and is blessing us so much! It's a beautiful day here but I am getting sick of the sun, the sun is great, but to work in it it's not the best, the best days are when it is pouring rain, it hasn't rained forever here and the air is polluted and I'm excited for a hug thunder storm, I hope you enjoy the pictures. We had swim caps on because there was a baptism that she didn't want to get her hair wet because she has something to go to and she got it all beautiful, imagine us trying to find a swim cap in Brazil, it was not easy but for God nothing is impossible! Love you all now you keep the smile on the face and everything will work out!
elder Anderson


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Its been a little bit since I have done a group email! I have been a slacker! In the last part of the mission all you want to focus on is the mission, its the weirdest thing! It's when you know that you have jumped into the work 100% I LOVE THE MISSION, we all have difficulties and we need to learn how to overcome these difficulties with attributes of Christ, we need to read the scriptures every day! I am starting to see some of the biggest fruits of the mission, people going to the temple to be sealed for time and eternity, and a couple kids almost ready to leave on the mission! I'm full of so much joy that I can't even express! The Lord is amazing, I love him so much! We have true happiness in our lives when we stop focusing on the world and what it offers but focus on God and the things of God, like families and spiritual growth! I love you all and I hope yall have a great week!
Elder Anderson


Wed. July 27, 2011

Today I wanted to talk about hope! I have a little time so I hope I can get this email off, hahaha I'm hilarious, I used hope in the sentence haha, but seriously hope is what runs our lives, hope and faith, we need to have hope for a better tomorrow, everything really is going to work out! We need to put faith in the Lord that he will take care of things as we obey him! I learn this more and more on the mission, when I see things happen that I never thought possible, it helps my faith grow, I know that all things are possible if we hope for them, we need to work every day as if it where our last, don't think only about the future but make your life happier today, if we always say that everything will get better in the future the days will pass and nothing will get better, lets change today, lets have hope for a great day and then act! Be happy, smile, the Lord smiles when we are happy, he cries when we are sad! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, July 20,2011

How is everyone doing? I hope amazingly! So I got transferred and now I'm in a place called Sete Lagoas (seven lakes) and I'm on the shore off a lake right now writing this email, it seems really awesome here, oh and I have an American comp now, his name is Elder Cook! We are super pumped to get the work going! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mission, it has changed my life! When I left yesterday, people were crying, it's always nice to have people cry over you haha, just kidding, but my 3 converts from this last area are really firm really really firm and there were some real miracles that I saw, which I will have the rest of my life to tell you guys! Every day there is a new adventure! I WANT TO GIVE A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MARISSA, IT IS HER BIRTHDAY AND I THINK SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ON THE PLANET. Love you Marissa! I gotta go get my bags unpacked and gotta get to work, have a great week yall
Elder Anderson

Wed. July 6, 2011

Brazil is where my heart is.

Baptisms are great!

Have I been walking?

We will see what they look like when I get home!

WAZZZZ UP! HEY FAM! So I am very happy today! I woke up excited! Here are a couple pics for you guys to enjoy! This week has been great! We have 3 super strong for this next week! There is so much drama going on here, but me and my comp are trying to stay very long away from it! One guy that we found to be baptized this week, it'd the most elect person that I have found on the mission! Wow it's that person that you wait your whole mission to baptize! HE IS AMAZING! His name is Celso and we taught the first lesson to him, he accepted a baptismal date firmly, he prayed that night to see if what we taught was true because he has a teaology professor that lives with him that was saying so many bad things about the church, so he prayed and when we got there we gave him the Book of Mormon, he was just looking at it and curiously opened it to look inside, before we explained anything and he read Mosiah 18:13 and he looked at us and said he knows that this church is true! He was waiting there ready for church Sunday, loved the church, didn't want to leave! and he is ready! The Lord is amazing on the mission! He has already prepared the way, it is our choice to follow this path or not! You are all in my prayers! I know that we have difficulties in our lives all of us sin in our lives! We need to support one another as a family and grow to have an eternal family!
love you all
have a great week!
Elder Anderson