My Last Email, Wednesday, December 14, 2011

SO.... where do I start! I am so excited to see you all this next week, my heart is full of gratitude for my Heavenly Father, He loves me so much and I have never been so certain about that! I gave it my all on the mission, talking to as many people as possible, but this is not the end, this is the beginning of a bright new future! I have all your presents requested, so no worries! So we had a investigator in church this week, that will be baptized Sunday, it was her first time in church and it was testimony meeting and during sacrament, in the middle of the meeting she went up to the front and bore her testimony on how she knows this is the true church, it was amazing! Itss going to be an amazing baptism before I come home! I am finishing it off strong! I just want to bare my testimony, that I have been converted to our Savior Jesus Christ, I am positive that this is His church! So I have a question for you all, do you know that the wind exists? Sounds like an obvious question. . . of course I know the wind exists because I feel it, by the same factor that you know the wind exists, I know that this is the Church of our Savior Jesus Christ, He is leading his church through his prophet Thomas S. Monson, the Book of Mormon is proof of all this that we can hold in our hands and read, I have read the Book of Mormon and I know it comes from God, God lives, His Son died for us, our Brother, and my heart is full of love for this sacrifice! I love you all so much! I thank you all for all your support, I know I haven´t been the best at writing, but I have an infinite love for you all! I want to live with my family for all eternity and I know that is possible! I bare this testimony in the Name of our Savior Jesus Christ. Amen
Love you all
see you on Tuesday!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So I went to Belo Horizonte to handle some last paperwork stuff so I don't get stuck in Brazil, but everything is finalized, I got my Flight Plans also
I am flying American airlines the whole way,
From Belo Horizonte to Florida on the 19th of December. (Bring a Jacket)

Wow, I'm so so so excited to see everyone! ahhhh My spirit is pumped and ready to take on the world! Sometimes I think that my spirit is going to burst out of my body, haha I´m not afraid anymore, I am prepared mentally and spiritually, to take on anything and besides I'm going to just have to man up like my brothers would say, haha. The Lord has been so good to me these past two years, I have been blessed more than I could ever asked, and the mission has really saved my life! So this next P-Day is going to be chill, I'm going to get everything in order that I need, and I plan on everything running very smoothly, I have become a lot more organized on the mission. So I have a couple questions and favors...
1-When is going to be my homecoming talk? and what is going to be the topic?
2-What is marissa´s cell phone number? I already know the others
3-I'm bringing presents, but is there in special request from Brazil?

Alright well that is that, I haven't eaten all day so I'm starving, I will hear more from you next week, it's that last time to ask questions! Love you all bunches peace out trunkiness. I'm ending the mission in FIRE! :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I still have lots of time!
Tic toc tic toc I'm making use of every minute that I have, a normal day of teaching here in Brazil is like 4 to 6 lessons a day and that's working hard, me and my comp are teaching on a average 9 haha I want to go out with fire, it has been hilarious the last couple days, we have been wanting to teach in apartment buildings so instead of ringing the intercoms, we walk and when we see someone that is going to go in or come out, we act like we are shuffling with the keys and we just enter haha its hilarious, we have been having a lot of success doing it though.

So two days ago, we had the Christmas conference and it was amazing, we ate good food and got to go in the front and show the people that were baptized in the month of November and put them on a paper Christmas tree. We also told things we like about our comp, it was really awesome

I cant wait to see everyone in 3 weeks, but whose counting?.....

The rain is coming down and it is getting really hot here, have a coat ready for me there it's going to be freezing!
Love you all have a great week!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Dearest Family,
So lets see, my comp is going home today, he finshied his mission and we finished the transfer in fire, it was awesome, now on to another adventure, I am in Divionopolis with Elder Kersavage, we are going to tear it up here, the work has been slow here so President sent me here to revive the people, I'm animated about life and I'm excited for every day to wake up and work, this last sunday we had a recent convert receive the Aaronic Priesthood in sacrament and directly after bless the sacrament, my joy is full with moments like that! Love feeling the joy of God that comes from missionary work!
I want to give a shout out to Marissa, I love her bunches and I can't wait to wisk her off her feet! haha (p.s. I got your package today, love you! I will save that letter and tape for the plane ride, I have 5 letters coming your way!)
Alright I gotta go get stuff done, buy food, clean house, and cut my hair, too many things to little time!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sup Yall, this week has been good, we went to Belo Horizonte yesterday
for a leaders meeting and we left 12 o clock midnight and got back 10
at night, we spent way to much time on the bus! Uggg, I am going to
rest a little today because I'm exhausted pretty much everything is
closed today because its Memorial day here, day of the dead, we went
to the cemetery to do contacts with people this morning it was really
good! We had two baptisms Sunday and it was amazing, they cried,
because the spirit was so strong, the dad of the family will get
baptized this Sunday! There is not enough time haha, we are leaving
early today to go teach! Love you guys tons!
Elder Anderson

Crazy Times, Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So one more week has passed like a blink of an eye, my comp is headed
home in one week and I have 5 more weeks, haha so my comp made a goal
to help him not get trunky if he talks about home he has to do 40 pull
ups/push ups, and if I pop my knuckles I have to do the same, we have
been working out a lot haha, but, it helps you get rid of your bad

So first story of the week! We were contacting a reference, it was
outside an apartment complex, there were some guys fighting well four
guys against one, they threw big branches at is head and one kicked
him in the face and everyone was looking then a guy rolled out and I
knew something fishy was going on and he pulled out a gun. He grabbed
one of the guys beating up the one guy by the neck and had the gun
pointed at the others, me and my comp hid a little bit to not get hit
in a crossfire there was no way to get out of there, but we decided to
just go for it, luckily nothing happened, we peaced out quickly haha

My second story is quick, we taught an assasin, I'll leave it at that
and tell you more about it after I get home

A crazy week it has been!
I love the gospel so much and I love how it can change us if we choose
to follow Christ! I love you all, all we have to do is put our
confidence in the Lord and everything will work out, He will take care
of us! The world is changing and there are so many problems but we
need more faith, through our faith we will see the miracles!
Have a great week
love Elder Anderson


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I just want to make a declaration, 创I am not trunky创 haha I don't believe in that kind of stuff! So lets see, this week was amazing, we had a family get baptized in the branch, the mom and kid were baptized to Sundays ago and the dad was baptized this Sunday, the kid and mom bore testimony of the church and I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life, I'm serious!! Then, the 1st counselor got up and said I want to testify that there are angels in this room! It was powerful! The family is preparing to go to the temple, they already have a picture of the temple on there wall! The Lord has been blessing us so much here, we are working so much and the Lord blesses us even more than we deserve! The mission is the best place on earth! So my comp got sick today, he pooped his pants during study and then we were sitting there and he said 创I think I'm going to throw up创 and sure enough he did haha and got it all over the place on the way to the bathroom! haha, but he is feeling better now, it was because he ate weird Brazilian food last night haha, we are happy here and full of life! The work will go on! Love you all have a great week!
love you all
Elder Anderson

Wednesday October 26, 2011

Ha ha, so I had practically forgotten about my birthday until I read my emails, ha ha you think I'm joking, but I'm not, I forgot it was so soon! ha ha I am getting old fast and I'm looking great, I think that's the blessing about guys, the older they get the better looking! ha ha So I first off want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, I love you all so much! So we had a baptism this week it was amazing, and the spirit was so strong, there are hard times on the mission but the joy that we feel is indescribable, when you see someones life change, and how grateful they are to you!

So this week I got to fulfill a dream I have always had on the mission, I got to teach in another church the lesson of the Restoration, it was a Pentecostal church and we got there, we were invited by the pastor, and they started, there was a lot of screaming and hallelujahs and stuff like that, then came our time, I cracked a joke about how I'm almost as tall as Goliath, ha ha everyone laughed and we then talked about the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ, then I invited everyone in the congregation to be baptized! It was so awesome, the spirit was so strong as we talked calmly and testified of the truth! We think there will be fruits from it, but it was amazing!

So we worked tons this week! It has been really raining here so that has helped on the heat factor! I love walking in the rain, I never use an umbrella and everyone thinks I'm crazy ha ha, but its hot rain so there is no need for one! I want everyone in this moment to think right now about what is the purpose of our lives, what makes us happy, and why do we worry about other things that mean nothing! Stay happy this week and remember that God loves you and I love you tons! Have a great week!
Elder Anderson


October 26, 2011

Ha ha, so I had practically forgotten about my birthday until I read my emails, ha ha you think I'm joking but I'm not, I forgot it was so soon! ha ha I am getting old fast and I'm looking great, I think that's the blessing about guys, the older they get the better looking! ha ha So I first off want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, I love you all so much! So we had a baptism this week it was amazing, and the spirit was so strong, there are hard times on the mission but the joy that we feel is indescribable, when you see someones life change, and how grateful they are to you!

So this week I got to fulfill a dream I have always had on the mission, I got to teach in another church the lesson of the Restoration, it was a Pentecostal church and we got there, we were invited by the pastor, and they started, there was a lot of screaming and hallelujahs and stuff like that, then came our time, I cracked a joke about how I'm almost as tall as Goliath, ha ha everyone laughed and we then talked about the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ, then I invited everyone in the congregation to be baptized! It was so awesome, the spirit was so strong as we talked calmly and testified of the truth! We think there will be fruits from it, but it was amazing!

So we worked tons this week! It has been really raining here so that has helped on the heat factor! I love walking in the rain, I never use an umbrella and everyone thinks I'm crazy ha ha but it's hot rain so there is no need for one! I want everyone in this moment to think right now about what is the purpose of our lives, what makes us happy, and why do we worry about other things that mean nothing! Stay happy this week and remember that God loves you and I love you tons! Have a great week!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HELLO GENTE! So I have been transferred, to another city it is called
IPATINGA! It is 6 hours by bus ride, It is so stinkin hot here it is
unbelievable, we spent the first couple days melting! The first night, I
lost like 3 hours of sleep because I couldn't sleep because it was so
hot, but then we got a member to hook us up with a fan, and I have
been sleeping like a baby ever since, this area has always baptized
very little, but this transfer that is going to be changed. I have a
new comp, Elder Thornley, he is from Syracuse, Utah and this is his last
transfer on the mission! It has been a long time since this area has
baptized, but we are going to change that, we found someone Thursday
this old guy that speaks 12 languages and he is excited for his
baptism this week, the Lord is really blessing us. It's so good to hear
that everyone is doing great, besides Ciara and Bryton haha get better
soon! We got into the house here and there was nothing, we don't have
anything to wash our clothes, so we are either doing it by hand or we
have to ask neighbors, oh and this week we were walking to church and
we invited a guy that was outside his house to go with us, he said
okay, went and changed his clothes, as we walked he told us that he
has already killed two people and then he asked where the church was
and we told him, he stopped and said he had enemies by there and they
would kill him if he went over there, so he stayed and we enjoyed a
great day at church. I was really hoping he would go but that's what
happens when your a killer haha
Have a great week everyone!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

O Groupo: Ola,
Tudo esta bem aqui nesta area. Eu amo lafaiete, ent鉶 essa semana foi bem doido, n騭 andamos bastante e ensinamos muitas pessoas, o senhor esta n髎 aben鏾ando muito agora! So I loved general conference, it was so amazing! I got to watch all the sessions, I loved the first session on Saturday, it was amazing, I loved the talk about time and I also loved the talk of Elder Packer, it was so amazing, President Monson is so funny when he got up there to announce the temples and said HELLO`` haha I haven't heard someone start a talk like that in general conference haha hilarious! It is such blessing to hear from apostles of the Lord! I can't wait to get the Ensign of conference, I will study it tons, oh and Elder Andersen talked about marriage, wink wink Marissa haha I am very happy today, it's cloudy and raining here which makes me happy, I hate walking in the blazing sun, but it is still warm here, I am going to freeze my butt off when I get in the states brrrrr!

9-28-11, Wednesday

Blessings: Wow it is amazing how the Lord blesses when you have done everything and it all fails, we have had a transfer full of difficulties, so much work and so much failure, but the Lord has really blessed us this week! We have already 10 or more people that are going to go to the conference, it's such a blessing that we have! Everyone take advantage of it, to hear a live prophet spéak for the whole world. We need to apply everything we learn! So let's think, the only thing funny that happened this week, was me walking and I bashed my head on a metal grate that was covering a window, it bled a little but I'm all better, not to much brain damage, well not any more than I already had, haha have a great week everyone, and show your teeth, it's good to be alive!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011 Whatsup ya all

So I was going to send pictures here, but I forgot my cord, my hand got hurt last week from falling running home! This week has been funny! There was a handicapped girl who said to her mom, 创kisses创 then her mom kissed her then she came to me and said that, hahah I pulled away and said I couldn't do it, haha I felt so awkward, haha then she asked again, my companion was laughing so hard! We have been working so hard, but everyone this last week we had to take to the church fell through, that sucked. we are working tons to not let that happen again! The clouds here are thick and I am loving every moment, there are just a few pleasures in a missionaries life, like clouds, cold water and ice packs, hahaI love the misison! Have a great week everyone! I miss you all so much!
love Elder Anderson


HEY! Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So this week it has been crazy, I didn't get sick but I got transferred, and while I was getting transferred and me and my companion were on the bus going to the new area, we got a call from President and he wanted my companion to go to the office, and he got yelled at for doing something with his last companion, so I received a new companion and now we are in the new area, we are working tons. Yesterday as we were going home and running, I biffed it and jacked up my hands, they are bleeding and it really is hurting to type, haha, but life goes on. I'm loving every week and I'm going to finish the mission strong! I gotta go love you tons!
Elder Anderson


Eu Amo Vocês! Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So to start off the email this week, our sewage backed up this week and we have been having some real problems with that, and its taking forever for them to come to fix it, so being eagle scouts, we have been inventing others ways to get rid of water in our house, haha it is getting interesting haha. We have been seeing monkies tons in this area, they are so cool, they walk all over the power lines. We have this crazy lady progressing for baptism, she smokes but she didn't smoke today, she is just eating tons of candy. That's the secret medicine to stop smoking! So I have conquered my nail biting habit, me and my comp made goals about that, I couldn't chew my nails and he couldn't touch his face and if we did we had to do 45 pull ups at night, so after a couple failures and some good work outs I have beat the habit well I think so, it has been a couple days since I have put my hands in my mouth. So these last couple days there have been devil worshiping marches here, they play drums and chant, haha they are nuts, we passed them the other day and there were two people dressed up like a king and queen, I have no idea why, but they were, and I'm pretty sure we got on a video that they were making, we are going to be famous! Alright well that is my week! Have a great week! Life is joyful!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swimming caps for a baptism!

Hey everyone this week was great, had some awesome baptisms and a lot of happiness, I am loving it in this area, the ward is huge and there are a lot of returned missionaries to help us out, we are having some great family nights and receiving awesome references, we are going to have another baptism this next week! The Lord is amazing and is blessing us so much! It's a beautiful day here but I am getting sick of the sun, the sun is great, but to work in it it's not the best, the best days are when it is pouring rain, it hasn't rained forever here and the air is polluted and I'm excited for a hug thunder storm, I hope you enjoy the pictures. We had swim caps on because there was a baptism that she didn't want to get her hair wet because she has something to go to and she got it all beautiful, imagine us trying to find a swim cap in Brazil, it was not easy but for God nothing is impossible! Love you all now you keep the smile on the face and everything will work out!
elder Anderson


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Its been a little bit since I have done a group email! I have been a slacker! In the last part of the mission all you want to focus on is the mission, its the weirdest thing! It's when you know that you have jumped into the work 100% I LOVE THE MISSION, we all have difficulties and we need to learn how to overcome these difficulties with attributes of Christ, we need to read the scriptures every day! I am starting to see some of the biggest fruits of the mission, people going to the temple to be sealed for time and eternity, and a couple kids almost ready to leave on the mission! I'm full of so much joy that I can't even express! The Lord is amazing, I love him so much! We have true happiness in our lives when we stop focusing on the world and what it offers but focus on God and the things of God, like families and spiritual growth! I love you all and I hope yall have a great week!
Elder Anderson


Wed. July 27, 2011

Today I wanted to talk about hope! I have a little time so I hope I can get this email off, hahaha I'm hilarious, I used hope in the sentence haha, but seriously hope is what runs our lives, hope and faith, we need to have hope for a better tomorrow, everything really is going to work out! We need to put faith in the Lord that he will take care of things as we obey him! I learn this more and more on the mission, when I see things happen that I never thought possible, it helps my faith grow, I know that all things are possible if we hope for them, we need to work every day as if it where our last, don't think only about the future but make your life happier today, if we always say that everything will get better in the future the days will pass and nothing will get better, lets change today, lets have hope for a great day and then act! Be happy, smile, the Lord smiles when we are happy, he cries when we are sad! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, July 20,2011

How is everyone doing? I hope amazingly! So I got transferred and now I'm in a place called Sete Lagoas (seven lakes) and I'm on the shore off a lake right now writing this email, it seems really awesome here, oh and I have an American comp now, his name is Elder Cook! We are super pumped to get the work going! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mission, it has changed my life! When I left yesterday, people were crying, it's always nice to have people cry over you haha, just kidding, but my 3 converts from this last area are really firm really really firm and there were some real miracles that I saw, which I will have the rest of my life to tell you guys! Every day there is a new adventure! I WANT TO GIVE A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO MARISSA, IT IS HER BIRTHDAY AND I THINK SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL GIRL ON THE PLANET. Love you Marissa! I gotta go get my bags unpacked and gotta get to work, have a great week yall
Elder Anderson

Wed. July 6, 2011

Brazil is where my heart is.

Baptisms are great!

Have I been walking?

We will see what they look like when I get home!

WAZZZZ UP! HEY FAM! So I am very happy today! I woke up excited! Here are a couple pics for you guys to enjoy! This week has been great! We have 3 super strong for this next week! There is so much drama going on here, but me and my comp are trying to stay very long away from it! One guy that we found to be baptized this week, it'd the most elect person that I have found on the mission! Wow it's that person that you wait your whole mission to baptize! HE IS AMAZING! His name is Celso and we taught the first lesson to him, he accepted a baptismal date firmly, he prayed that night to see if what we taught was true because he has a teaology professor that lives with him that was saying so many bad things about the church, so he prayed and when we got there we gave him the Book of Mormon, he was just looking at it and curiously opened it to look inside, before we explained anything and he read Mosiah 18:13 and he looked at us and said he knows that this church is true! He was waiting there ready for church Sunday, loved the church, didn't want to leave! and he is ready! The Lord is amazing on the mission! He has already prepared the way, it is our choice to follow this path or not! You are all in my prayers! I know that we have difficulties in our lives all of us sin in our lives! We need to support one another as a family and grow to have an eternal family!
love you all
have a great week!
Elder Anderson


Wed, June 22, 2011

Chase's companion with all the stray dogs! There are tons in Brazil!

Just helping each other out! No hot water!!!

Nothing like baptism day!

Oh you know. Monkeys in our backyard. No big deal.

Hey everyone! So this week has been good, but these last couple days we haven't had water in our house so we fill up buckets of water from the neighbor and we take showers with the freezing buckets of water! haha Every morning we yell because the water is so cold haha, it is funny. This last Sunday was great, the baptism was awesome and we have 3 baptisms for this week, the Lord started to bless us a ton! Oh and we saw a couple monkeys in the trees this week which is really weird because we are in the middle of a city. Life is great here, I live day by day as if it were the last! Our lives pass by like it were a dream, that's why it is so important to do the things that we have to do for our salvation in this short time that we have! I'm loving the Book of Mormon, I'm reading about Abinadi and how he started talking against King Noah because he is iniquitous, I love the power of God and everything is possible with God! Every person can change and we need to reach out to all people around us and do our part to help them change, they will make decisions if they want to change or not, but all we need to know is that we did our part! I love you fam! You are all so amazing and we need to make sure that our relationship is always strong! Have a great week! Love you all tons!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey so this week has been awesome and I am going to tell three stories today lets go...

Baptism- So we have a baptism this week, her name is Larissa and she has like 40 years, she lives with her husband but her husband is a bum, he does nothing for her, her and her two kids go without food some times, but we are helping her get back on her feet, she is loving the Book of Mormon and is reading every day, her prayers are amazing and super long, she is going to have a great baptism and she is super excited

Storm- I saw a storm that I have never seen before, imagine this, it was a beautiful night and we were climbing a hill, we felt a light breeze on our backs and then it started to be harder and we started to climb the hill we more breeze, and then a huge storm came, we were close to a gas station and things started to fall over and we ran for cover, and then things started to blow up and all the power went out, it came in like 10 seconds I'm not even joking it was completely nuts, but you know me I was loving life! haha got a video of it! Next week I'll send it

Dead guy- so we were teaching in a Favela, which is a ghetto, and when I say ghetto I mean ghetto, and there when gun shots and we may or may not have seen a dead guy in the road, alright we saw one, it was weird no one was weirded out, it is normal thing I guess that happens there haha but don't worry about me, God is protecting us, I won't do anything stupid, and no one messes with missionaries! haha the mission is awesome!

So I am excited with great health and lets keep that Lords work moving forward!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So it has been a while since I have written a good group email! So I am here in Riach in a city called Contagem, and my companion is Elder Cerutti! He is Brazilian and from the south! He is so cool and I am so excited to serve with him! These last couple weeks I have been with Elder Dale, we worked until blood left the feet haha but there was very little success, this city I'm in has a lot of rich people, the rich people don't worry as much about God as they do their money, so it has been a little hard. Elder Ceruttiand me are re-organizing and regathering our forces! We are going to tear up the roads here! Wow, I am loving the mission, I don't take one day for granted, I feel like a kid on the mission, never wanting to put things for afterwards, today has to be the best!

Elder Dale and I we were teaching a man that was having problems with cigarettes and alcohol we were doing everything to help him but in the end he stopped fulfilling with his part! So we had to cut him! We taught a lesson last night for a João and it was so spiritual, he accepted a date and I am super animated to help him! I will miss Elder Dale a lot, we worked before the mission together in BUY LOW and we are going to be great friends forever!

So I woke up early today and we went to the giant bus station in Belo Horizonte like 40 minutes away from my house here and I got my new companion! He seems like he is way excited for the work so lets see what he gots! boo yahhh!

-Happy birthday to Grandma and Grandpa Bowers, I love you!
-Marissa you are gorgeous!

Alright I hope you enjoyed the email this week! I love you all and lets get some work done!

Elder Anderson


Wednesday, May 18,2011 BRASIL MOSTRA SUA CADA

NOSSA! Esta semana foi bem legal! eu estou amando Brasil mais e mais cada dia! Haha somebody needs to learn Portuguese there! I am going to teach the little ones, Preston and Charlotte Portuguese! Because children learn languages so easily! We had zone conference yesterday and it was so awesome! We learned so much about how we can become better people by taking upon us the attributes of Christ! President Parrella is so amazing and this mission is growing so much because of him! He is super strict but that's how it needs to be! I love the mission! I become happier every day! There are difficulties but that's life! Through hard work and the gospel of Christ you can overcome whatever difficulty that you have in your life! All of us do things wrong but we can overcome these things and be closer to Christ every day! So SMILE today it is a great day! It was a present from God that we received today! `´THATS GREAT`` like tony the tiger would say is that kind of attitude that we need! when we have a test we need to say ´´that's great´´ and stay happy! Love you all so much! Sorry I am such a horrible email writer, I'll just keep using the excuse that I'm a guy.... hahah love you all!
Elder Anderson


TU HABLO ESPANÔL, Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I have a huge headache today, it's because I'm melting in the sun, it is suppose to be winter here but it feels like I am in an oven!
So we had transfers late this transfer and my old companion left and now I'm training a newbie, haha I am working him to death, he seriously thinks he is going to die here in Sabará because the hills are insane, I climb them without problem now, but as he is running behind me he is drenched in sweat. I want everyone to know that I don't do this just to be rude, but our faith doesn't grow until a trial of our faith, if he walks slow now he will walk slow for the rest of his mission, I'm grateful my trainer worked me to death!

So we have a family that is so so so elect, it will be the most special baptism on my mission so far! A family that will go to the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity, it feels me with the Spirit just thinking about that! When we got to their house Sunday to go to the church with them, they were already ready in the car driving leaving us to drive to the church! ELECTS

I love the mission! I love hard work and participating in the Lords work! I can't wait to talk to my family Sunday!
love you all tons have a great week!
Elder Anderson


Some love with photos, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Missionary Group!


WOW look at this egg
My Owwie Hand

Wazzzzzz upppp! So I woke up excited and ready to start a new transfer, to my great surprise I was not transferred this transfer, so I am still here in Sabará with Elder Santiago.so it has started to rain again, you know how I love the rain, I never use a umbrella because I love it so much. we have been having some difficulties with our investigators falling but I know the Lord is going to bless us very shortly.
So here for Easter they have passover, it is a week of partying and tons of Catholic stuff. They had a giant play in front of a catholic church, there had to be a thousand people there. This week is the one time a year the Catholics watch mass, haha just kidding. There are some strong frequenting Catholics here, I love learning about the the traditions and things of other churches. Sabará is full of old historic churches, it is really neat.
I think that me and my companion are going to go to a museum today, and explore Sabará a little more. I hope yall enjoy these pictures. I have tons more where these came from. A couple pictures are, the back of a kids head that I thought was awesome, a big chocolate egg for the passover, a couple of my , baptisms, oh and when I cut my hand because I fell, yeah my companion laughed, I almost said a bad word, but I didn't my companion (Elder Hilton) was surprised I contained myself.
There is sunshine in my soul, I know that this is the church of our Savior Jesus Christ, I know that his atoning sacrifice has a purifying power. I am grateful for all the people who show me their love, I pray that I can always show you my love, so sincerely feel this when I say it!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So today I want to talk about patience with you! Imagine me hold a freezing old drunk guy from falling over for like 3 hours, haha that was my life last night! Everything worked out in the end, patience is how we support our difficulties! All of us have difficulties in our lives, we our given these things to be made humble and to be tested! The Lord wants us to take these difficulties, and handle them in the way of the Lord, that's the test. Think of the billions of people in the world and everyone of them has problems, but there are so many that handle them in the wrong way, we need to have confidence and faith that we can overcome our difficulties, then we need to try our hardest, I like to think about Nephi, he had so many difficulties in the wilderness with him and his family, everyone started to murmur but not him, because he trusted in the Lord and knew that he would provide a way! Instead of getting angry or sad or depressed lets stay happy and know that the Lord will bless us in our sufferings! We do all that we can and the Lord will do the rest!

Everyone keep Marissa in your prayers, she is having some health problems and really needs the support right now! Everyone be happy, lets get to work and make this world a better world, by the small and simple things miracles will be realized! Everyone have a great week! Love you Marissa feel better and stay happy knowing that you are in the Lords hands!
Elder Anderson

Letter to mom and dad: So I'm putting your emails together this week because I am very short on time, I need to go to Belo Horizonte today to get shoes for my companion! and do some other things! I'm a little stressed about Marissa now, I hope everything is going okay with her, keep her in your prayers! Have an amazing trip! Let Bryton know that he is lucky that I'm not there or he would go off the cliff this time for real haha. This is the last week of this transfer and there is a very good chance of me being transferred! I love you so much! and if Marissa does go home, give her a call and make sure she knows that you love her! Everyone keep smiling! Make the best out of the present and the future will be great! Love you all drive safely!
Elder Anderson


SMILE, Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So I tried to put some pictures on today, but it's not workin! oh well! So this week with my new comp has been great we haven't had anything to crazy happen, we are just workin super hard and finding a lot of people, we found someone to teach but he studies and works all day, so we are waking up at 4:30 in the morning to go and teach him! haha that's the life, little sleep and lots of work! I love the mission so much!

Today I want to talk about honesty! I am so so sick of liars, I have lied a lot in my life so I can't say anything too bad, but we need to tell the truth! The truth will really set us free, when we lie we become slaves to Satan, we get depressed and we feel the impact on our souls! If we tell part truth or try and trick someone in any way we are lying! Know that nothing of this is from the Lord, he knows all and all will be opened on the day we meet him! We need to tell the truth we need to be pure before the Lord! People respect people who tell the truth! Alright that is enough about honesty! I really don't have much to write this week! So this is it I love you all and I love the Lord above all! He is my light and he is my life! Have a great week!
Elder Anderson


Sabará, Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So today was an emergency transfer because 7 missionaries got here today so I have a new comp! I am super sad to loose Elder Hilton, I really loved him! But, my new comp seems awesome! He is Brazilian and looks exactly like Tiger Woods! His name is Elder Santiago and he is from São Paulo! I'm still here in Sabará thank goodness. Because this next week we have 4 baptisms, I only got to watch one session of general conference and didn't see the talk of Elder Holland so that is a real bummer, but I will read it soon enough.

I have had alot of crazy experiences this week but I probably shouldn't talk about them until later. haha I fell yesterday on some moss and scraped up my hand but I'm not going to die so that's good, me and my comp got a good laugh out of it. Life is great on the mission the email this week will be short, I love you all have a great week.
Elder Anderson


IT'S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well this week has been great! We had an awesome baptism! and we had a bunch of people in church! I'm so excited for general conference, I can't even stand it! Just to hear the words of a prophet makes me so so happy! The Lord has been blessing us here so much in Sabará! So let's see here I have two stories today!

First off, we had an investigator that we had to wake up for church. We went to his house and his window was a crack open, we sat there for 15 minutes yelling as loud as we could to get him up, but nothing worked, so what did we do you ask? We found a branch close by, stuck it in the window and started poking him, haha we poked and poked but yet he didn't get up, he moved a little but he was knocked out cold, haha, we took the stick and lifted his blanket off him and that did the job, in the end he went to church and loved it! You have to get a little wild as a missionary sometimes!

We talked to a bum on the road and asked him if there was anyting he needed and he said no and then said one second, he started lookin around in his cart and he gave us an unopened bag of noodles and told us to help someone in need! and about an hour after we found a family that was really poor and were very grateful for the noodles, now that is an example of charity! Let's do what we can to help out others, the bum in Sabara is doing it, so shouldn't we?

I love you all so much! Shout out to marissa! She isn't doing very good health wise, keep her in your prayers!

Elder Anderson


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alrighty then! Its another week that has passed way to fast! I have had a lot of spiritual experiences this week! We had a meeting with Elder Suarez (sp?) from the presidency of the seventy! It was so amazing and we learned so much! and then president chose me to have a interview with him afterwards. It was such an amazing experience where he talked about my life and my future and everything and then he ended it by giving me a nice hug, it was awesome and he is an amazing person!

Also we had a training meeting for the leaders of the mission, it was super spiritual and so many things are going to start to change on the mission. oh and an awesome thing is that everyone is going to receive an actual washing machine, well not like the states but its better than washing things by hand, I am super excited and we are going to get microwaves too! I haven't used a microwave in over a year, I hope I didn't forget how to use it! haha

We have been having some great successes this week and the Lord has really been blessing us! We found a girl that has been going to another ward for these last months and she didn't even know there was a Church of Jesus Christ by her house, she has never talked to the missionaries but now she is excited for her baptism this week!

Life is great on the mission! Because there are so many hard times, when there are the good times they are even better, it's like using a toilet after a week of camping in the wilderness, if you know what I mean! The Lords Hand is in this work and I am so grateful to be a part of the Lords work!

So it's time for some shout outs. . . .

Bryton congrats on making the varsity track team, you are such a stud

Marissa keep serving hard and being amazing, I love you

Cory and Jessica, congrats on the baby coming, feel better Jessica

Grandma Hanks, you are such a hottie

love you all with everything I have
Elder Anderson


WOW, WHAT A WEEK! Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SO this week was a little crazy! It was carnival week here in Brazil! And it gets so so so so crazy here! haha everyone gets drunk, all the guys dress like girls and the girls don't dress! It is horrible and we tried to stay as far from anything as possible! On the way home, we found this old drunk guy that fell on the road because he couldn't walk anymore and water was rushing over him! He would have drowned if we hadn't passed, we picked him up and we had already talked to this guy before so we knew where he lived, he had a bunch of blood on him from falling! He couldn't walk so we picked him up and carried him all the way home! haha the whole way home he was giggling saying, `´only Americans would do this´´ and kept saying ´´I don't speak English´´ haha I was laughing so hard, he had a shish ka bob (sp?) of meat and he wouldn't let go of it for nothing, haha as we were carrying him it kept on hitting into Elder Hilton's mouth! It was serious, but seriously so funny!

It has been raining so much! My shoes are constantly full with water! It is horrible, but life goes on! There were very very few in church this week and the work has been hard but we are still finding many elects! The Lord is blessing us a ton! I spent the day hiking in the jungle with some natives and eating all sorts of delicious fruit, saw a parrot, and a waterfall! Love you all tons have a great week!

love Elder Anderson


I Love the rain Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey whats up everyone? So I am alive this week! I am not killing for time so I will write a email a little better! So lets see this week have been great! We have been finding a lot of elects, and the Lord is really showing us love in every way! We have seen some cool things this week also, this city is full of crazy things, it is a very old historic place, there was a lot of gold here in the olden times, wherever there is money, crazy things happen! There are so many hills here and I am still losing a little weight, there is nothing I can do, I eat so much, but the hills here are killer. Haha we lost our keys to our house this week, but we found them randomly as we were walking through the jungle. The lord really helped us on that one!

There is a kid that we baptized a little bit ago and he has such a huge family, his grandma had 19 kids, so you can just imagine, that is where we are finding so many people, he is going to bring so many people into the church, our plan is to turn this district into a ward by the end of this transfer or the end of the next with just this family haha! So I am doing well health wise and I'm super happy because it has been rainy the last couple days, wow I love the rain! everything is going great here! Thanks for all the support, love you tons! Have a great week!
Elder Anderson



sup tudo mundo Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So I have to go to Belo Horizonte right now, I will try and write you all there!
Elder Anderson

Mom's Letter
Wazzz up momers! How are you doing! It is another great day here in Sabara, I am loving it here, seriously it is so beautiful here, but wow do you need to see the hills! Haha there are so many! Haha I think I am going to loose lots more weight! but this town is so awesome! There is just a tiny district, like 10 or 15 people, but there is a lot of room for growth and there is going to be so much growth this transfer, we already have 2 baptisms for this week, and 5 for the next, and we will get even more! It is a great area and I am really liking my companion! I love you mom and I'm happy that you had such a great time with dad and the BYU students, it makes me so happy that you get time alone together! Keep being awesome and Cory and Jessica are in my prayers! Send grandma a kiss for me and here is one for you muah!
Elder Anderson



SO.. Yesterday we had zone conference! It was a very building spiritual experience! President Parrella and Sister Parrella are so amazing! We also heard a talk from a stake president that was so funny! He told stories about his mission! I can't wait to get back and tell all of you all my stories from my mission, the good times, the hard times, the ups and downs, and the many miracles that happened on my mission, I am enjoying every day at a time and I am so focused on saving many souls! Sabará is so amazing and I know without doubt that the Lord has his hand in all things, I'm here for a purpose and I am going to give all I have to find that purpose!

So 2 days ago we were on the street knocking doors and there was a lady that passed by, that was on drugs, she was really gross, she asked my companion if he would give her love, and him not speaking well and not understanding, said he loved all of Gods children, hah then she tried to attack him, saying all sorts of gross things, and I stood in front of her and told here to leave, then she tried to attack me, then a man yelled from his doorway to hurry and enter his house, we ran and she followed, as I was entering she gave my butt a squeeze and I hurried in and my companion hurried in behind me haha well, the guy that let us in now has a date to be baptized haha Welcome to my life in Brazil!
love you all have a great week!
Elder Anderson


SABARÀ Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So yes I was transferred! I am in Sabará and I'm with Elder Ty Hilton, he is from Salt Lake City, I opened this area so there is nothing here, but there will be soon! My companion only has a couple weeks on the mission so he doesn't speak anything. So many people cried last night when I left, and I almost did, but I didn't because I'm a man haha jk, I didn't hardly sleep last night because I was a little nervous, but I'm here now and it is so beautiful here with so much green and tons of hills, its a historic city here with tons of Catholics! I have to go now, because we have a couple of appointments, love you all tons!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Alright so this week has been good! Time is flying, I cannot believe that this transfer is over almost, this next week I can get a call from president! I love it here in Veneza, it will be hard if I get transferred, Ii love everyone and there are a lot that love me! There was a couple days that we were without water in the city, there were some hard times, but everyone helps everyone out, its horrible to lose water in this kind of heat, wow I can't imagine how it would be if they had a disaster here, no one is ready for anything, we are starting to push the six month supply of food here, help the members start getting well prepared! The Lord is at the doorstep and these next 10 years are going to get crazy! No one knows when he will come but lets be ready! Everything spiritually, and everything physically!

Love you all! I am going to get a bunch of letters sent off today! love you all have a great week!



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wow I am sore! Yesterday I had a contest with a bunch of kids to see who could throw a rock farther, I had to have thrown 50 rocks, but I won all those little punks haha! The kids here go crazy for missionaries, always asking us to speak English and to do magic! haha I love this area of Veneza, I have been here so long and it is such a big part of me, I know everyone in this city! ha I love teaching this amazing gospel and having so many great friends here! I really know how the Lord had a great life serving others, there is so much happiness that comes from this!

There are just a couple more weeks in this transfer and I can't see President leaving me here one more, its possible but I don't think he will, I have knocked on every door in this city, you know what that means, it's time to start over again! well! my week was great, lots of good crazy times, with the spirit mixed in everywhere, I am really learning how to follow the promptings of the spirit! This gospel is so amazing and I'm so happy to have my life in order for the first time! love you all tons.

If you don't feel like you are receiving enough love send me a email saying ´´I need more love´´ and I'm all over that! Love will be on the way! peace out everyone!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alright you know how I said it has been raining a ton, well it stopped! and...... it is SUPER hot! What a blessing this is! haha my faith is really going to grow after this hot streak we are going to have! Let me think of the pluses

1- My clothes can actually dry
2- I am going to have a wicked tan through my clothes
3- My faith will grow,

That is about it! Life is good here in Brazil! We are still teaching a bunch of lessons and the baptisms this last week went very well! The Lord is really opening up the minds and hearts of the people here! We had a great week teaching, we walked through the jungle this week to an old Catholic church that was in the middle, it was super cool to see. we have a lot of people who are progressing who are going to be baptized this next week, but anyways I'm sitting in this lan house melting right now, I believe I am going to die, oh another plus 4- I will lose more weight, ahhh I can't lose any more!

You are all in my prayers, keep being awesome and keep putting the Lord in the number one spot in your lives, I would have a scripture to back that up but I don't know how it is in English, only in Portuguese so I love you all tons! Have a great week and a happy New Years!
Elder Anderson


Da liçença, Wednesday, January 12, 2010

SO..... THIS IS AWKWARD..... It seems like I haven't written an email in a while. This week has passed by very slowly. We have spent the last day in leadership training meetings, and been spending a lot of time on the buses, I hope you all realize what the buses are like here, they pack the buses with way to many people, you stand up the entire time (unless you are very lucky to get a seat) and everyone is in a horrible mood because they are cramped and sweating! Lets just say it can get a little wierd on the buses. We are teaching a lot of lessons and I am working my new companion almost to death, but he is getting stronger and better every day! So in the meetings every day President walks around and shakes everyones hands and when he does he gives a jerk and when you fall forward he tells you not to be lazy, it is so funny, but I am the only one he has never gotten, he tried to get me yesterday, but I am much bigger than him, he took two hands to try and give me a jerk and was pulling with all his might and then I told him not to be lazy and everyone was laughing, President Parrella is so funny! So we have a family that we are teaching and they are way aweseome. they are very elect and they are following through with everything, they loved the church this sunday and they will be baptized this next sunday, I love how the Lord prepares people. So that is my week. thanks for being so awesome everyone, oh and tomorrow is my one year mark, I can't even believe it, time flies when your having fun in Brazil! Love you all ate mais
com amor
Elder Anderson


One Year On A Mission! Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So.... where do I start..... first off I will talk about my prank on my companion, it was priceless haha they were talking so many bad things about Americans and he was like ´´I'm Brazilian, I'm Brazilian´´ oh my goodness it was hilarious! The next time I send out my memory card you will see the movie! What a great way to start the mission, getting the crap scared out of you. He is super nervous about talking to people but I am helping him come out of his shell!

Last night in the night of integration we played a game that is called ´´train´´ and you put chairs together two and two like a train, and you give everyone numbers and there is someone else that has your same number, and on the count of three everyone has to jump up and find the person with their own number and sit in a seat next to them, but we take out some chairs and who doesn't find their partner and sit in time loses, it is so funny, and super loud, everyone is yelling their numbers trying to find the person with their number! Brazilians are super loud and crazy, just like the Anderson family, I believe that is why I fit in so well here!

So as you can tell that this week has been a good one! putting my companion under intense situations and just a lot of fun! Alright well I love you all and I only want to be for you! My one year mark is almost here NOSSA MÃE! ta bom eu amo todos voces muito, tenha uma boa semana
Elder Anderson


HAPPY NEW YEAR'S, Wednesday, December 29

So it is a new transfer! I am still here in Veneza but I have a new companion, his name is Elder Fontes! He is a Brazilian! I am excited to start this new transfer! We are going to play the joke on this missionary tonight! He got on the mission today! I am training him! Christmas was so good! Got to talk to my family! and I ate a lot! it has been raining so much! here! I stay wet at all times haha! It is awesome. Oh and I heard that people don't know why I say ´´haha´´ well if you all hate it I'm not going to do it no more! Just kidding haha!

There were so many drunk people on Christmas, we had our santa hats on and all the drunk people wanted to give us a hug! haha I probably hugged 10 drunk people on Christmas. I was really feeling the love! Holidays here are so different! They don't do anything for any holiday, pretty much holidays consist of people eating a lot and getting drunk!

My one year mark is coming up! I can't believe how fast the mission is passing! I am excited for this next year! I have so much more to learn and so much more to grow! I am going to take advantage of every second that I have on the misison! Everyone keep being awesome and everyone have a great New Years! Scream extra loud for me! Until next week!
Elder Anderson


On a Mission for the Holidays, December 25, 2010

We talked with Chase for a delightful 40 minutes on Christmas Day, and it was a wonderful time to share in his testimony of Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of the gospel. He missed us all through the holidays, expressed his love, but is anxious to spread the gospel to everyone he can in the short year he has left. What a wonderful blessing to have him serving his mission and spreading the gospel in Brazil. He loves us and we love him. Thanks to all of the missionaries every where including the mission presidents and their wives, guarding our Elders and teaching the truth.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Então esta semanha foi mutio bom! now encontramos muito pessoas haha you guys have no idea what I'm saying! Alright this letter is going to be really short I am sorry! But, we are going to the center of Belo Horizonte today, we have a lot of things to do! This week was great, we helped a poor family fix up this broken down little shack so they could live there, we had an amazing baptism, and we are teaching a deaf lady that is learning at an unimaginably slow rate! The mission is great and I am so excited for Christmas, I miss my family and Marissa during the holidays, but they know I love them and they love me! So that about sums up my week in this short letter, sorry I can't do more! Love you all have an amazing Christmas!
Elder Anderson.

p.s. I want some pictures of your Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear family and loved ones, especially my Marissa!

This week has been very awesome, with a lot of funny moments, a lot of frustration, but the work of the Lord always goes on! When Jesus was here he organized his gospel and he taught it, it consists of 5 princples that if we follow, we will be happy. They are:
4-receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost
5-enduring to the end

It's so simple! But, for some reason, so hard for people to follow! Today, I. want to talk about enduring to the end. We need need need to endure to the end, and that consists of reading the scriptures every day, going to church every week, keeping all the commandments, praying morning and night and throughout the day, loving God above all things, and loving our neighbor (which includes everyone we come in contact with)! It's so simple, doing these things brings happiness, not doing these things brings sadness, so look at this list and if there is something you are not doing and you are feeling sad, BINGO! haha stay happy this holiday season, after all it is called the ´´THE PLAN OF HAPPINESS´´ remember our Lord, Jesus Christ, learn about his life and try and follow his perfect example! I love you all and more important God loves you all with an infinite love you can't even imagine!

Haha, I am trying to think of a funny story to tell but it's only funny if you speak portuguese!

Oh wait, I have one... haha we taught some people this week and it was so funny, people normally have no problem understanding us, because we are practically Brazilian, haha but this week we had a guy and i swear he just refused to understand anything that we said, haha we tried forever to get him to understand, but it failed horribly, he just didnt want to, that is what makes me feel better, haha there is another lady that we are teaching and she is practically deaf haha she is so awesome, she is good but, we are having the hardest time teaching her, we are trying to teach her everything that she has to know by writing it down, but she doesn't read very well either! haha wow it is a little complicated, she lives all be herself with a dog that is serisously the fattest dog I have ever seen, especially for its size! haha so thats my week! I love the mission and I love this gospel, and I love all of you soo sooo sooo much! Have a great week!
Elder Anderson


Christmas in Brazil, Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Alright, it is starting to be that time of the year again! Wow, Christmas is going to be so different here! There are no decorations and there is no one talking about Christmas, I think they are going to have a family dinner and that's it, it's going to be fun to celebrate a non commercialized Christmas, where we celebrate the birth of Christ!

So this week! I have had a pretty normal week, the first in a while and it was very nice, just finding people to be baptized. We have been finding a lot the last two days, they are going to receive the best Christmas present possible this Christmas! Every where you go in the world the people are different but the church is the same, there is going to be a Christmas party in the ward this next week and hopefully some delicious food! It has been raining a ton here this last week, and it makes doing laundry so hard, especially because we have a washing tank that we share with our neighbor. When they need to wash their clothes we pass it over the wall to them! hahaha, oh my I love Brazil! You see things you wouldn't even imagine in the states, but here they just start to be a normal everyday thing! The mission brings so much joy to my life, learning, and loving the people! To watch these families who have every problem in the world, start to change, and I have the great blessing of being here for a while and seeing the people I baptized at the first of my time here till now, having callings in the church, going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead, watching them bless the sacrament, get the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods, watching them give blessings and the blessing helping someone else, there is no greater joy then this, I am going to have a great Christmas basking in the joy of the Lord! I love you all so much and hope you are having a great Christmas season! until next week
Elder Anderson


LOVIN BRAZIL, Wed. December 1, 2010

Dave or Dad's 50th birthday! Oi, it's another week here in Brazil, oh my heavens that trick we played on my companion was so funny! He was shaking after it was all over, and the best part, it's all on video! haha I love the mission! So this week has been very fast, and very long at the same time, sorry that letters or emails are starting to get shorter, I'll try and do better, but once you start getting so focused on the mission, it's what starts to happen, we had zone conference this week and got a bunch of presents from President, it was so great, we got up and we told everyone what we loved about our companion, haha it was funny, I said some weird things about him so everyone would laugh, and at the conference there was a Christmas tree that we put the pictures of all the recent converts from the month, it was awesome and full of people, we had 5 baptisms this last week, a family of 4 and one other person! The Lord is blessing us so much, you all know how crazy I am, just imagine that, but more animated and that is how I am as a missionary, I put everything I can into the mission!!! everything!!! and well when p day rolls around I'm so so so tired, haha I think that's why my letters are getting shorter! We found another family that we are going to baptize next week too, another family of 5, they are so awesome and are so ready for the gospel, it is amazing to see how God has already prepared people so well! Thank you so much for all the support, letters, and packages! I love you all tons! When life gets hard it is because something is out of order! If you are sad in life figure out what is not in order and fix it, there was a talk in stake conference that was so good about this, they were talking about people who are trying to find happiness through material possessions, will never find it, because they will always want something that they don't have, that's why it is so important to count our blessings of the things we already have. I see people that are so poor that you can't even imagine, and so many of them can be the happiest people I know! Money does not bring happiness, God and our families do!!! Love you all have a great week!

Elder Anderson

Letter to Dad:



Thanksgiving, Nope not in Brazil

Thursday, November 25, 2010

So, it is another day here! It has been raining so much here! A rain storm and a river in the road stopped our baptism this week, haha my companion was like let's just baptize them in the river! haha It gets crazy here! So this week, the last 3 days we have been in Belo Horizonte in a leader training meeting, President Parrela is so amazing! We learned so much with the spirit! The mission field is changing every day! The Lord is blessing us so much with these new teachings and instructions!

I found out this morning that is was Thanksgiving, so here is a list of the things I am grateful for!
01-Heavenly Father
02-My Savior Jesus Christ
03-My beautiful family, each and every one of them
04-Marissa Pooh
05-All my friends and the people that give me support!

I love you all tons!

I want to build a snowman so bad! But, Brasil is not blessed with snow!

We have a family, they are progressing so much, they are so amazing, we are going to baptize them this week and of couple others! Alright, well it's back out into the rain with me! Love you all tons and have a great week and Thanksgiving!
Elder Anderson


Wow, no transfer, Wednesday, November 17,2010

This week has been crazy, first off my first companion from the MTC, Elder Excell went home, I don't know why, but he did, and another thing, I am still here in Vaneza for this next transfer and I have a new companion he is an American and his name is Elder Gagon and he is from Sandy. He is really cool and I am excited to start this new transfer, I have set up a joke tonight for my companion, he doesn't know, but we are going to go to a recent converts and pretend we are just knocking doors, they will answer and say we can enter, then they will start to talk bad about the church and we will start to fight, it is going to be hilarious! We are going to get it all on video hahaha! During the week, there was a giant thunderstorm and we saw it coming and we were on the top of a mountain, we started to run so we could make it to a house, we were without umbrellas, haha lets just say we lost, hahaha. We were soaked from head to toe,our scriptures were soaked haha everything was, haha well it was a moment in our lives when we had to learn to ``dance in the rain`` haha It was awesome! We have a couple firm baptisms for this week, more from the Road of Happiness, I think we have baptized 25 or more people there haha it is awesome! Alright well I love the lord, I love this work! and I hope you have an amazing week and remember the Lord in all that you do! Peace out until next week.
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marissa entered the mission home and it was just like reliving Chase going on his mission. Lots of tears but again Look to the future! Now the letter this week from Chase:
TUDO BEM GENTE! Alright! so another week, it is almost the end of the transfer here, and I have a feeling I will get transferred this time! I am loving it here and don't want to leave, but where the Lord sends me I will go! So this week it has been raining a ton! I am loving it, I have fell two times, one time my companion said I slipped in horse poop, but who knows it was dark and raining and the other time I was going down a dirt hill in the rain, luckily I saved both of them and I didn't get too dirty! Everything is going great here! We have a couple of baptisms, one of them is a little boy, who doesn't have food every day, his mom is a prostitute and never is home, he is loving the church and the activities, we have hooked him up with some good friends in the church, he has so much potential, he is super smart and super independent. Church this last week was canceled after sacrament because there was not water in this area, I don't know why they canceled it but they did! It is so amazing how Satan works, he will use anybody and anyone to try and stop the work of the Lord, but it just continues, the pathway is narrow straight and up hill! haha We have one recent convert and her family has completely disowned her for being a member of the church, so she had to move a couple hours away, but every Sunday she is in the church, the first one there, happy and content with life! I am so grateful for the chance I have to see these miracles! The Lord will always work miracles in our life, we just need to have confidence and trust in him, we need to do our part and he will do the rest! Thanks everyone for being so amazing! I love you all tons! Peace out and have a great week!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, November 3, 2010 GOING STRONG

So this week has been very amazing! We had Elder Bednar visit, and it was so great, he entered and wanted to shake every one's hand, so one by one we shook his hand as he gazed into our souls haha. I passed haha, so he gave an amazing talk, talked a ton about false traditions in the church, like taking notes during talks that we will never look at again, haha. He told us to so write down personal revelations that we receive during talks, and the rest of the talk he talked about faith and teaching and learning by the spirit! He told some personal stories that we can't send in emails or tell, and we had a great meeting learning by the spirit with him! I learned so many things, and our teaching is already starting to change so much! It was great!

Well the funny story, I will tell for this week, we had this man that was so crazy, he was on the road, he saw me and Elder Silva Souza and he started to say so many bad things about us, swearing and saying horrible things about Americans, we started to compliment him, trying to kill his anger with love and it just made him more angry, he said he was going to punch us if we didn't stop, so we didn't want to get beat up by this old man so we stopped talking. Haha, two days later, he passed us on the road again, and started to say horrible things about me and Americans, I asked him why he hated me, when I did nothing to him, then I started to talk to him, saying sorry if you don't like Americans, but we are representatives of Jesus Christ and lots of other things, let's just say the story ended with him looking at my family pictures saying, I'm so sorry, I;m so sorry, and now he has a date to be baptized! I love the Lord and the power of the spirit in the convincing of man! Special shout out to Marrissa! She is leaving on her mission to temple square this next Wednesday! I am soooooo happy for her! Everyone show her your love!
love Elder Anderson


Chase Anderson's 21st Birthday, October 28

Happy, Happy Birthday Elder Chase, We Love You! What a Way to spend your birthday serving the Lord, Yea you are the greatest! October 28, 1989 A Son is Born.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I felt so so so much love today! Thank you so much! haha due to the large amount of emails,I don't have a ton of time to write but it's okay because I loved the emails so so so much! Alright! So I am way excited to hear Elder Bednar talk Friday! I have been preparing, reading a couples of talks he wrote and I'm getting a haircut today to not look like such a bum! haha This week has been so great! We had a very good baptism this week, and we had another, but we found out he was having relationships, wink, wink ,with his cousin who is a member! Talk about drama! The road of happiness is going amazing, haha, they are going to have to build a church just for the road! This gospel has changed my life! haha, we ran into more Jehovah Witness missionaries yesterday, addresses were taken and we will visit them! haha I love the mission! It is going to be so amazing to spend my birthdays serving the Lord! Well, I got to go! Thanks for all the love! Peace out from Brazil!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yo yo yo! Sooo let's talk about life! Life is going well here in Brazil! I have little time to write today because I am going to the center of Belo Horizonte today! Lets see! It is raining a ton here and is so hot too because it is so humid! We had a baptism that was really cool this last week, everyone was ready, we were singing the hymn right before the baptism, and the lights went out and was a black out in the whole city because it was raining so hard!! But did that stop us! NO! of course not, we did the baptism by the little lights on the telephones! haha it was really cool! Not many people can say they have been baptized in the darkness with only cellphone lights, lighting the way! Oh and also this week we have interviews, with president, wow he is such and amazing man and so animated and so funny, and super smart! We always leave him pumped and ready to work are butts off! So that was my week! I am sorry I have like no time this week, but I love you all so much! Have a great week! I will send more letters out to the people I am neglecting, if you feel this way let me know! I love you all! peace out, Elder Bednar comes on the 29th of october, I'm so excited! ahhh
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alright, lets talk about this week in Brazil, for some reason this week passed way slow, it seems like forever that I have emailed! Well lets talk about some things that have happened this week!

One day at lunch when we were eating there was this little girl that is 5 years old with us and she ate her whole plate of food, she was so proud that she ate it all but when she wasn't looking I put a spoonful of my rice on her plate, and then I was like ´´are you not going to eat all your food´´ haha, it was so funny she thought for sure she ate it all, but she ate the rice and then like one minute later she started to cry hahaha and we were like whats wrong, and she said her mouth was burning, I forgot that I had hot pepper juice on my rice hahaha. She was crying and I felt so bad but we made her feel better by giving her chocolate!

So we have some elders that are our neighbors and they recieved bicho de pé, or in English animal of the foot, ha it's this little animal that gets in the foot and starts eating the tissue, then it starts to lay eggs and they grow and grow and eat more foot, haha they are in the hospital right now getting them taken out, haha I hope I never get this, nasty, that is one thing that is so disgusting, gross things happening with the feet!

This week has been fun with a lot of laughs! I am excited for another exciting week! I hope everyone is reading their scriptures and saying their prayers, because if you're not I know Heavenly Father is not happy! do this and stay happy and know I love you all! have a great week! até mais!
Elder Anderson


No Transfer YEA! Wed.Oct. 6, 2010

Bom, tudo está bem por aqui. Que bom que vocês estão bem também. Que negócio é esse que vai começar aí? Não entendi muito bem, você escreveu bem errado, é melhor se você continuar com seu proprio idioma, mas vai fundo que pode dar certo. Que bom, Hug, seria bom, mas não posso e não tem aqui. ta tchau
com carinho
elder anderson

Hey what's up fam! This is the letter I wrote for Chad so if you guys can help him figure out what it says that would be nice of you! Alright it has been another week here in Venza in the beautiful country of Brazil, I am going to be staying here for this next transfer and I am so excited because we haven't baptized all of the "road of happiness" yet but, we will make it this transfer! So this week has been very funny! It has been raining a lot and you know what that means, me falling, covered in mud and laughing tons! I wish you could have been there! We were laughing so hard! Oh and another funny thing, on the mission you meet the most interesting people haha, we were teaching a lesson yesterday and there was this old lady who was very sweet and she had a husband that was losing his mind, and during the lesson total he was calling her saying lourdes lourdes lourdes, and then he would throw in DIABO haha which means devil haha it was so funny he would call here name and then call her devil, haha we were trying so hard not to laugh but it was a failed effort, during the prayer he was doing it and it was so stinkin funny! The people here are hilarious, she was laughing too, she says that he just sits there all day and says horrible things haha it made me think of Grandpa Hanks!

So general confrence was so amazing, even though I had to watch it in Portugese and didn't get to hear their voices, I learned so much and we have been using a lot of what they said in their teaching, I watched priesthood confrence this week too! But, after conference we had a baptism, this lady is like 60 years old and so so funny, we found her knocking on doors! She wanted me to baptize her so I walked her through on how it would happen, and I told her to plug her nose, so we entered the water and after her taking a ton of time because the water was really cold, we were ready, I said the prayer and she went under, when she came up she started to cough tons, haha she took in a good amount of water, she forgot to close her mouth haha I have never seen something like this haha it was good, she had a good baptism and she is super firm, telling her friends about the church that she has found the only true church in the world, she is so amazing!

But yeah this has been my week, I hope this letter is a little better to make up for last week! I love this gospel so much and I know we have a living prophet here on this earth! I love him so much! God loves us all!
Have a great week and smile a lot!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hey everyone! I literally have like no time left in my hour to write very much! This week was awesome, it is the end of the transfer and we will baptize 6 people this week! I love you all tons! Make sure everyone watches conference! its a prophet like Moses or Noah, ahhh I love the prophet and I am so excited to watch! Love you all and peace out for this week, sorry I wrote like nothing, but I will write more next week!
love Elder Anderson

Mom's Letter-time is passing so quick, I can't believe another transfer is over and I'm almost at my nine month mark! You are such a good mom, taking care of the baby and the dogs, don't worry me and Marissa won't have a dog for a while! haha I am so excited to see the new yard when I get back, it is going to be very beautiful, dad always does an awesome job! haha I love you mom, I can cook stuff here, we got everything we need to cook, but I have a giant problem, I have no idea what happened to the white folder that dad put together for me about our family, and my patriarchal blessings was in it, could you possibly send them again, I am very sad because of that! I love you mom,
Have a great week!
The Lord loves you
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, September 23,2010

This week has been very good, we are teaching a lot of awesome families! The Lord has really been blessing us, there is this one family that we have been teaching and the mom has always hated us! She never would sit in the room or anything, she has been a spiritualist and has done lots of dark demon calling and stuff, and she was a pastor of a church at one point! But, yesterday we were teaching the family and in the middle of the lesson she walked in and told us a story at how she saw a Book of Mormon on her sons table and she picked it up and started to read it, and she said she remembered something she heard me say while she was in the other room, I asked her kids if they loved God, they said yes and then I asked how do you show this love for him, they said I don't know, but anyways this lady read a part and decided to pray about it and she told us she received a answer and that she wants to be baptized! The Lord is so amazing and works so many miracles! We have been stressing the importance of prayers so much more in our teaching and it is really making a difference, people are receiving a lot of answers! The power of prayer is so amazing! Make sure that you are always saying your prayers! That is one of the ways we can receive the personal revelation for our lives, Joseph Smith said that without revelation, that salvation cannot come, or something like that, its not a direct quote but close, so make sure you are always saying your prayers, keep this close personal contact with our Heavenly Father! Love you all have an amazing week and smile tons! When life gets to hard to stand kneel!
love Elder Anderson


Wednesday September 15, 2010

So how is everyone doing, I hope amazing! I know that my writing is getting a lot worse, haha oh my when i try and speak English, I sound very stupid, haha Portuguese is taking over! Oh well, I'll let it and get my English back after the mission! So this week has been so good! We have been marking a lot of baptism dates! And bringing back people who are less active! haha, we had a really funny experience with this boy that we are teaching. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom, he is 11 years old and he only had a problem with coffee, we taught him and committed him to stop drinking coffee! We returned the next day and asked him if he drank coffee, he said yes, and we were like WHAT WHY? and then his sister said he said a prayer, and we were like, okay you said a prayer after to say sorry with God, and he said no, he said he said a prayer first and asked God to bless the coffee so it wouldn't be bad for his body hahahahahaha oh my goodness, I almost died laughing so hard! I have never had a investigator do that hahahaha! Well we taught him he couldn't do that and he has stopped coffee and is going to be baptized this week! I really like this new area and the people that I have a opportunity to teach! It amazes me every day about how this is the Lords work and how people are prepared to hear this message! haha I love it! I love walking down the road and everyone staring at me because I'm a giant American with blonde hair and blue eyes, haha everyone freaks out! I love teaching and feeling the spirit always in my life! I love the support I get from my family, Marissa, and Marissas family! Thank you so much! I love life! The mission is amazing, this gospel is amazing! People don't know what happiness is until they have the gospel in their lifes! This is the goal for this week, find someone you know that is not a memeber or less active and get them in church this Sunday! Help them have the same happiness that you have! Keep up the good work, Bryton, you ladys man! I love you all! until next week!
Elder Anderson


New Missionary Training, Thursday September 9, 2010

So it has been another week here in the beautiful country of Brazil! So this week, we have spent a lot of time in a little sacrament chapel learning how to be better leaders in the mission! Everything is being changed in the mission program! They have a new curriculum that everyone is going to be using! I have learned so much the past 3 days on how I can improve my teaching and how we can bring more souls unto God! I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve God and to serve the people here in Brazil! I love learning Portuguese and I love the lifetime friends I am going to have! So I want to give a couple of shout outs, first I want to say happy birthday to my brothers!! They are such studs and I look up to them so much! and I want to give a shout out to my Grandma Hanks! She is very beautiful and I love her! and I want to give a shout out to Marissa for going through the temple and I want to say how proud I am of her for the amazing decision she has made to serve a mission! Watch out SLC, UTAH. My mission has changed my life! I can see finally I know what is important and I know that through God, I can do anything! I realize how important the gospel in my life is, there are a lot of people that say they have faith and want to follow God but they are doing nothing to show it, read James 2:17
(Even so faith, if it has not works, is dead, being alone.)
We need to do work and earn the right to be happy! If we do our part God will do his part! We have the capability to do whatever we want and have as much happiness as we want, but we need to do something! Doing the simple things will bring us true happiness
1 Going to church
2 Reading scriptures every day
3 Saying prayers morning night and afternoon
4 Keeping the commandments of God

These are the things that will bring happiness in our lives! So if you're not doing all this you know what to improve, now go improve and receive the blessings of God and the happiness in your life that you deserve! I love you all so much and all I want is for all of you to be incredibly happy! Thanks for all the love you show me and for bringing more happiness in my life! Have a great week and I will talk to you next Wednesday!
Elder Anderson