Thanksgiving, Nope not in Brazil

Thursday, November 25, 2010

So, it is another day here! It has been raining so much here! A rain storm and a river in the road stopped our baptism this week, haha my companion was like let's just baptize them in the river! haha It gets crazy here! So this week, the last 3 days we have been in Belo Horizonte in a leader training meeting, President Parrela is so amazing! We learned so much with the spirit! The mission field is changing every day! The Lord is blessing us so much with these new teachings and instructions!

I found out this morning that is was Thanksgiving, so here is a list of the things I am grateful for!
01-Heavenly Father
02-My Savior Jesus Christ
03-My beautiful family, each and every one of them
04-Marissa Pooh
05-All my friends and the people that give me support!

I love you all tons!

I want to build a snowman so bad! But, Brasil is not blessed with snow!

We have a family, they are progressing so much, they are so amazing, we are going to baptize them this week and of couple others! Alright, well it's back out into the rain with me! Love you all tons and have a great week and Thanksgiving!
Elder Anderson


Wow, no transfer, Wednesday, November 17,2010

This week has been crazy, first off my first companion from the MTC, Elder Excell went home, I don't know why, but he did, and another thing, I am still here in Vaneza for this next transfer and I have a new companion he is an American and his name is Elder Gagon and he is from Sandy. He is really cool and I am excited to start this new transfer, I have set up a joke tonight for my companion, he doesn't know, but we are going to go to a recent converts and pretend we are just knocking doors, they will answer and say we can enter, then they will start to talk bad about the church and we will start to fight, it is going to be hilarious! We are going to get it all on video hahaha! During the week, there was a giant thunderstorm and we saw it coming and we were on the top of a mountain, we started to run so we could make it to a house, we were without umbrellas, haha lets just say we lost, hahaha. We were soaked from head to toe,our scriptures were soaked haha everything was, haha well it was a moment in our lives when we had to learn to ``dance in the rain`` haha It was awesome! We have a couple firm baptisms for this week, more from the Road of Happiness, I think we have baptized 25 or more people there haha it is awesome! Alright well I love the lord, I love this work! and I hope you have an amazing week and remember the Lord in all that you do! Peace out until next week.
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marissa entered the mission home and it was just like reliving Chase going on his mission. Lots of tears but again Look to the future! Now the letter this week from Chase:
TUDO BEM GENTE! Alright! so another week, it is almost the end of the transfer here, and I have a feeling I will get transferred this time! I am loving it here and don't want to leave, but where the Lord sends me I will go! So this week it has been raining a ton! I am loving it, I have fell two times, one time my companion said I slipped in horse poop, but who knows it was dark and raining and the other time I was going down a dirt hill in the rain, luckily I saved both of them and I didn't get too dirty! Everything is going great here! We have a couple of baptisms, one of them is a little boy, who doesn't have food every day, his mom is a prostitute and never is home, he is loving the church and the activities, we have hooked him up with some good friends in the church, he has so much potential, he is super smart and super independent. Church this last week was canceled after sacrament because there was not water in this area, I don't know why they canceled it but they did! It is so amazing how Satan works, he will use anybody and anyone to try and stop the work of the Lord, but it just continues, the pathway is narrow straight and up hill! haha We have one recent convert and her family has completely disowned her for being a member of the church, so she had to move a couple hours away, but every Sunday she is in the church, the first one there, happy and content with life! I am so grateful for the chance I have to see these miracles! The Lord will always work miracles in our life, we just need to have confidence and trust in him, we need to do our part and he will do the rest! Thanks everyone for being so amazing! I love you all tons! Peace out and have a great week!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, November 3, 2010 GOING STRONG

So this week has been very amazing! We had Elder Bednar visit, and it was so great, he entered and wanted to shake every one's hand, so one by one we shook his hand as he gazed into our souls haha. I passed haha, so he gave an amazing talk, talked a ton about false traditions in the church, like taking notes during talks that we will never look at again, haha. He told us to so write down personal revelations that we receive during talks, and the rest of the talk he talked about faith and teaching and learning by the spirit! He told some personal stories that we can't send in emails or tell, and we had a great meeting learning by the spirit with him! I learned so many things, and our teaching is already starting to change so much! It was great!

Well the funny story, I will tell for this week, we had this man that was so crazy, he was on the road, he saw me and Elder Silva Souza and he started to say so many bad things about us, swearing and saying horrible things about Americans, we started to compliment him, trying to kill his anger with love and it just made him more angry, he said he was going to punch us if we didn't stop, so we didn't want to get beat up by this old man so we stopped talking. Haha, two days later, he passed us on the road again, and started to say horrible things about me and Americans, I asked him why he hated me, when I did nothing to him, then I started to talk to him, saying sorry if you don't like Americans, but we are representatives of Jesus Christ and lots of other things, let's just say the story ended with him looking at my family pictures saying, I'm so sorry, I;m so sorry, and now he has a date to be baptized! I love the Lord and the power of the spirit in the convincing of man! Special shout out to Marrissa! She is leaving on her mission to temple square this next Wednesday! I am soooooo happy for her! Everyone show her your love!
love Elder Anderson