Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So thank you for all your love and your stories this week! The stories about the river are hilarious, I was laughing in the middle of the lan house and like normal everyone was looking at me! ´´Big weird American´´ haha I'm like a movie star here because I am an American! It is so funny! My companion is an American but he has Mexican blood in him so his skin is dark, haha he gets so mad when people give me attention and not him because they think he is Brazilian! It is so funny! So I'll tell more about my life here, the churros here are so so so delicious, they make them fresh and then they fill them with condensed milk of chocolate, its your choice! its so good! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! So we had interviews with President yesterday, so I got my package! :) which made my day even brighter! I love interviews with President, he is such a spiritual giant and he always talks to us on how we can improve our missionary work! I love this gospel and its so awesome how much you grow on a mission! The love you have for others, your organization, your health, your knowledge! I encourage all that can to serve a mission!

So we are teaching a family that we found and I have never seen a family so elect and ready for the gospel in their lives! The first lesson they were already planning how their baptism is going to be! It's so awesome! The Lord blesses us in strange ways! I am working hard and the Lord is my guide! We have been running into a lot of Atheists lately! They are tough cookies! But, the Lord will touch their hearts! I pray for you always! I pray for the difficulties you are having and I know the Lord will strengthen you! Because you are Children of God! I love you so much! paz fora
Elder Anderson

P.S. Dad's Letter - hahaha I love that story of the river! You sounded like a real hero that day when mom told the story! haha 7 pages typed, wow that is a lot, haha you won't ever see one of those from me either haha! We're men, we don't need to write that much, we just kick each other in the butt to show our love! yeah I remember the scout camps! those were the best times of my life! I made so many friends and grew so much there! You were the best scout leader! Probably my favorite was of course the Moab camp! I always tell my companions about that camp! The work is still continuing here! Dad, I have been learning so much about the second coming lately, it's time to prepare! Work on the food storage and start getting the family prepared, reading scriptures every day and praying every day as a family! We need this strength, it's so sad to see but I have seen 3 stake presidents on my mission so far that have gone inactive! It's a sign of the last days! Just keep working hard to keep this family strong, and build your foundation in Christ! I love you dad! your the best, smile tons!


Wednesday, July 21.2010

Hey peeps! So how is my wonderful beautiful family and friends doing? It has been a crazy week in my new area, two fairly new missionaries in a new area and us not knowing nothing about nothing here! So we are just trying are hardest to figure stuff out! We have been working hard and been finding some big families, which is amazing. We found this guy named Douglas who is 26 but missing some stuff in the head, we taught him everything and he is really smart. He was exctied for baptism but, he just called one day and started yelling about him being Evangical or something, and then he hung up. I was like what the heck, so we went over, and it was like the devil had control of him, he was saying all sorts of wierd stuff about Mormons and I don't know, it was hard to understand him all the way because he was slurring his words a lot. He told us to leave and we left, it was crazy, I don't think he is going to baptize now yikes! Wow the devil really fights against people when they are going to be doing something right in their life! It's super sad when the devil wins, you realize on the mission how much worth there is in every soul, to God, he wants to help all his children, and how he does that is through us as members of the church, so this is the challenge this week, find some friend that is not a member of the church and get their information, etiher give that info to the missionaries, or take him to church! Give him or her the chance to have the same gift that you have in your life! This life is really short! We need to do all we can to have a joy forever! anyways I love you all! peace! work hard for the Lord!
Elder Anderson

P.S. there are a lot of tropical animals here, monkeys, birds, and other stuff, but we usually only see lots of dogs haha and then my companion shines them in the eyes with a laser pointer! I love you more mom so so much!


Transfered to another part of the city, Belo Horizonte, Brazil on Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday, June 14, 2010 Another Transfer

Hey my wonderful family and friends! So I got transfered today and I'm in my new area called Cai├žara, I am still in the city and my new companion is Elder Rodrigues, but he is American, I can't get away from Americans though! I am excited for this new area and the new work ahead of us, we know nothing about this city again, so that is always fun! My last area was amazing with sooo much success, the Lord really blessed us! Last night was sad to leave all the recent converts! But, I got all their addresses and I will write them to make sure they are doing good, a ton of new missionaries got here today and most of them are Brazilians, which is so good because we have been needing more missionaries and more Brazilians! That is sad about Aunt Bonnie, I will keep her in my prayers! Everyone life can get really hard sometimes! really really hard, but we always need to keep pushing forward! We need to stay happy, and if life gets to hard to stand, kneel! This gospel is true and this life is a time of tests, if we handle our trials well, we will have a reward beyond belief! I want to see you all in heaven after this life! Stay strong and smile as much as possible, okay well this is the email for this week! Love you all peace, will have more stories for next week about this area, it is going to be an interesting one!
Elder Anderson


An Amazing Week, Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey family, I hope this week has been going amazing! It has been really good for me! This week we had another zone leader meeting, it was yesterday, wow it was amazing! I'm learning so much every single day, the president is such an amazing man! So my companions name is Elder Brown, Taylor Brown, he is from Draper, Utah and he played basketball for the UVU before his mission, haha k-now you know everything about him! So we are going to have 3 baptisms this week, which I am really excited about, one of them is a little girl who just turned 8. Her parents are way against the church so we took the primary president with us to do the lesson! haha, it was a horrible lesson because the lady all of a sudden started saying that she had a feeling that the parents were going to be baptized and the little girl should wait to be baptized with her parents, my heart just about stopped, but we interrupted and saved it and the little girl is going to be baptized this week! All of our other converts are strong members now, they are having family home evenings, in church every week, stopped all bad habits, paying tithing the whole bit, it is so exciting! It's amazing love that God has for me and these people, all he wants for us is to be happy, me and these new members are on the path to real happiness, and a complete joy that we can't even imagine! I love this gospel and I love this church! I love the blessings of families on this earth! I can't wait to have a family of my own. Everyone work harder this week to be the better you and I will too! The Lord is my light! I love you all and I love Marissa so tudo bem! haha love you have a great week!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So I am excited to write you all this week! I am sorry if I haven't been giving all the support that I can and not being detailed enough hahaha so here it goes! So this week has been really good! We have a baptism tonight, her name is Joseanne and it's that girl whose husband was killed by her brother, she had a lot of doubts and fears last night but we had an amazing lesson with the spirit really strong and took out all her doubts! Tonight is going to be a really good night and a changing moment in her life! We also are working with this guy named Marcos who is 22 years old and lives in a Favela, like the ghetto of the ghettos and he is a champ. We are going to be baptizing him on Saturday and he is so excited, I am so excited for him, we are going to get him baptized and if I'm still here start working on his mission papers with him, it will be awesome! Then we might have a baptism on Sunday, I don't know what it is but the Lord is really blessing us this week! Me and my companion are super busy all the time having more responsibilities than normal but we are handling it well and having so many laughs, my hand kiss count is continuing to rise I am at 4 now.....

hand kiss 1- Ira Cema told us how much we mean to her, and then she kissed our hands, it wasn't too weird except for the fact that she is old and has hardly any teeth!

hand kiss 2- While we were walking down the street a handicapped guy came up to us and kept asking over and over, ´´whats my name?´´ and we were like I don't know what is your name, he said Reberto, paused for a couple seconds then kept asking the same question over and over, but this time we were prepared and we said ´´Reberto´´ he said ´´YAAAYYYY´´ and then kissed our hands hahaha it was very funny!

So I don't want anyone to get scared but I was in the hospital this last week because I got really sick and was throwing up a lot, they put me on a IV to get some fluids back in my body and then sent me on my way, I am feeling all better now! Being sick really sucks, but yeah, life goes on! I am so happy you are enjoying my photos and everything! I hope this letter was a little better this week, probably not but haha I'm a guy! haha sorry