Valentine's Day Hit by his Sweetheart Marissa

Oh the Goodies Keep Coming and I am supposed
to be losing weight!

2-26-10 Still at the MTC in Provo

Hey Family, I guess I have a new email address. I dont know it is so wierd and now I have wasted a bunch of my time trying to figure it out so my letter probably won't be as long! I love you so much everyone! I heard about some of the problems and know I will be addressing all of them in my prayers. I just got back from the temple and it was so amazing I love it so much! The Lord has promised that he will take care of my family as I serve him so I know you are takin care of. The Pizza you sent me was so awesome I thought it was a real pizza by the box haha It is so awesome and very yummy! I think I'm going to write Bryton a letter and you can just give it to him! I am sorry about everthing that is going on. So this has been a pretty good week, we did our second TRC in Portugese and I feel like we did well! 8 elders left this week including my companion Elder Haun so it is me and my beloved companion Elder Excell again. I am excited to get mine, they are coming in really fast now. So we made a promise with our new teacher Irmao Tymochenko that we would not speak any more English for the next two years (except when I talk to my family or girlfriend) it is hard but not to bad, I feel like I am learning so much and I am starting to really fall in love with Portugese. I never thought I would be speaking another language this fast, I know I have not sent pictures lately, but I promise they are coming soon! I hope everyone is staying happy even when the lord tests us with more than we think we can handle! Life gets so so hard and we always have our ups and downs but I just ask that you put all your trust in the Lord and after you do all you can He will do the rest! I wish you could all feel the spirit I feel here everyday it is so strong and I am learning so much about Jesus Christ and his Atonement! I love him and I love God for giving his first son so we as his children can live with him again! I am so thankful for my family and the wounderful example they are for me! I will be eternally grateful for the wonderful parents I have! What great role models they are! Tell me if you have any questions and I will fast and pray and study for your answers! K well i have like no time before it kicks me off because it was being wierd! just know I love you all I love the Lord in the Name of Jesus Christ my Savior Amen.
Elder Anderson




HEY family so this week has been out of control. I was made a zone leader and I have so many responsibilities I am in charge of quite a few districts and a lot of missionaries, I have to be the prime example of a great missionary, its hard but there are so many blessings, I love bearing my testimony. My testimony just gets stronger and stronger the more I bear it! Wednesday, missionaries came in I got to show them around, and show them the ropes, I got to strengthen them up just like I have been strengthened up so much! I am so grateful for that! OH and bigger news, 8 missionaries got their visas yesterday from my district! It was awesome, I am so happy for them and I'm sure mine will be coming soon! Its so hard to explain how amazing a mission is! .... I am at a loss for words! There is nothing like it! everyone who has the opportunity to go on a mission you take it!!!! Please!!! So this week was our first week to do our TRC (where we teach a fake investigator) all in Portuguese! It was so challenging but I feel like we did really well and I felt the spirit a lot! I had a lesson on the atonement this week from a teacher that is the bomb dizzle! I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest I felt the spirit so much! I loved it and it has changed my whole outlook on what the gospel is! I know that through Jesus Christ we have everything and without him we have nothing! My challenge this week is to learn about the atonement and what you need to do to be able to access it in its fullest! There is so much more to it than you could imagine! WOW I'm full with the spirit just writing about it right now! I hope everyone at home is doing well! If anything is going wrong let me know and I can be guided by the spirit to give you some good insight! I miss you all so much! This week has been great and I am just getting stronger and stronger every day! In star wars terms the force is with me! by force I mean spirit! oh another cool thing we did this week is we got to call people all around the country in the call center and teach to them over the phone! Its so cool! we have a couple "investigators" that we feel confident about! I love you all so much and I'm so blessed to be a part of this family! My name badge, elder- a title of respect, Family name- Anderson which I will protect and cherish for always, and Jesus Christ- I wear it over my heart so I never forget Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer in the Name of Jesus Christ amen
Elder Anderson

Letter to Ciara-Sounds like you are doing so good! That is so exciting that you are going to try and be SBO work so hard and make sure everyone loves you and more important make sure you love everyone! You would make a great one work hard on it if you want to achieve it! I love you have a great week, stay strong and be a cute girl like you are!

Don't let anyone get in your way, push the drama out of your life and don't get involved I promise by time you get out of high school it will have meant nothing, let them be childish and you rise above it! My prayers are with you! You have angels around you to lift you up, don't be afraid be powerful! Read your scriptures often and when you have a doubt about anything talk to God! I love you have a great week I can't wait to here from you next week, work hard for mom and dad because they work hard for you.

Letter to Dad: It's all good, That's way awesome you got to go out shooting, Kina told me Chase's girlfriend was scared ha ha that is funny, hopefully you gave her a hard time! This week has been amazing and I am having a great time! I am one of the best missionaries here and I will always strive to make you proud of me! I know I have messed up in the past but I am so happy now and so grateful for this opportunity! It is going to change my life and I am going to become a great man like you some day! keep having fun and smiling! You have such a fun personality that everyone loves, keep showing it! I love you and I know that this gospel is true! Have an amazing week and I'll talk to you next week.
Elder Anderson


2-12-10 Dad's Letter

I hope you are doing well, I hope you are feeling my prayers! You are my hero, stay strong, try not to stress, you are such a hard worker, find so much joy in the family! You are the best dad, and if I can live up to what you are then I will be so happy! So many people look up to you and you have such a great influence! Thank you for everthing have a great week and know that I love you!

2-5-10 HEY POPS-letter to dad: Hey dad thank you so much for that, it does get a little crazy in here I'm going to try and respond better to the emails, its just it gives me like hardly any time. You both do so much for me and that is the least I can do, I am so focused and I know that you all will be taken care of, if you read D&C 118 it promises that my family will be taken care of if I lose myself in the work, I don't break any rules and I have been limiting my letters to one a week with Marissa, its just scary to try and please them and do the work at the same time, I will try my hardest on p days to, let them know I love them and only want to make them happy. I love the Lord he is my Savior my Redeemer, my Brother, my Light and my Friend thank you so much for your support and encouragment you are a great man and I love you
Elder Anderson

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hey before I start the family letter, I have no idea what those tickets are for! I took care of everthing and should have nothing more,so it shouldn't be a problem! I love you thanks for everthing you do for me! Let me know what happens! I love you mom you are my world! I miss you more than anyone! You will always be my mom and I will always be your devoted son for bringing me into this world and putting the gospel in my life. Grandpa Hanks loves you, God loves you and I LOVE YOU!

Hey family this week has been a really good week. I am learning so much! The spirit is so stong and such a Great Teacher. Thanks for all the goodies you sent, the bath stuff is awesome haha, I play with the basketball hoop every day. So yesterday I got to meet the Queen of Kenya haha wierd I know, she was here to meet a small class going there after she got talking to Thomas S Monson, she came in with a general authority, the mtc president and some body guards, while me and some other Elders were on the computer. They wanted to know all about the program on the computer we use to learn Portugese. It was awesome and she was really nice. No visa yet so we are still waiting trusting in the lord. When I do get my visa they allow me to call home for like 5 minutes so I will let you know when that is! I just got back from the temple, there is no place on this earth we can feel closer to God, I want to encourage you all the go often, relax and forget about worldly things and just serve god. I hope you are all reading your scriptures also. There are so many great insights and awesome things to learn! If you find any let me know. I am in the prosess of writing cool things I have learned down and I will be sending you it! So hopefully you will enjoy and learn things also. The last thing I am going to request of you to do is go to Elder Hollands talk from the 179th general conference October 2009 sunday afternoon session "Safety for the Soul" I still have yet to find such a powerful testimony, its nice to have powerful testimonies to lift us up when we are feeling weak. But yeah back to my week it has been very good, I cant believe a month has already past. When you are working hard it seems that time just flies by. Im kinda the class clown in a good way. I love lifting the other Elders up and putting a smile on there faces, so my companion Elder Excell told me that his mom came across my blog so this is a shout out to her. Hi Elder Excells mom! I miss you all so much! I am so happy to be here serving the Lord, bringing others unto Christ by the restored gospel, and giving them the gift of eternal life! The Lord is my shepherd and I will let him mold me into the servant I need to be! I love this gospel. I love the spirit. I love all the support I get out here and I can't wait to try and repay that love back! I love you all so much! I will love spending eternity with you! I know that with God and Jesus everything is possible if we put are trust in him!
The love of Christ is in me!
Elder Anderson



Hey fam, I love you so much! Especially you mama! Thank you so much for all the goodies they are so delicious and so does all the other elders think so too! I love you guys more than anything, except the Lord! So this is the school of the prophets, remember how I saw Elder Holland my first day here well now the other day in gym guess who walked in to say Hi! Elder Uctdorf or however you spell it! It was so awesome and you could just feel the spirit radiating from him! These computers don't give me much time to write, so I may be sending you a letter also if I can! My supplies are awesome, everything is working perfect, so my p days are Friday and I can look at my email and reply then, I can get letters in the mail every day, but I'm only suppose to write back on p days. Obedience brings blessings, that is one thing I have learned so much! You follow the Lord and you will get more blessings than you can handle! I have grown so much and will continue to grow! The language is coming great! I'm saying prayers, testimonies, normal communicating and even writing talks for church in Portuguese every week, we never know when we will get called on, they just announce at the pulpit who is going to talk for the day, ha ha. Keep reading your scriptures! There are so many truths in there you can find a answer to ANY question! My companion gave me a new roll of duct tape so don't worry about that ha ha, everything is so amazing here and I hope u are all happy! You're in my prayers! Love you son, brother, and Elder. Elder Anderson



Dad and Mom short note:

My heart is yours

and yours is mine

From your example

I'm becoming a man

I will make you proud

I will make you proud

I'll thank you for eternity


Whaa whaa

pooh pooh

gah gah

I wuv you Char Char

Elder Anderson

Grow up strong you will with such great parents

1-22-10 Family Notes

Go somewhere by yourself pray & then read these. I love you all!

Chad-Thanks for being the best big brother I could ask for. I am giving 100% and I know without a doubt the gospel is true, thanks for going on a mission. I look up to you so much. Take good care of baby! Love Elder Anderson

Kina-You are such an awesome older sister and I love you with all my heart! You have such a sweet spirit! You will always be a sister to me and I can't wait to see you in Heaven! Don't let life ever get you down love. Elder Anderson


Family, I am going to talk to you about the importance of families. I will start with the most read scripture in Mormon history, 1 Nephi 1:1. Nephi's first words are to say he is who he is because of his parents! President Harold B. Lee said "The most important of the Lord's work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own homes." In Alma 43:47 (which I know Chad is going to love.) Read it! Defend your families till the end! Throughout the scriptures it talks about families and if you have a great one you will succeed. Because families are ordained of God, they are the most important social unit in time and in eternity. There is my spiritual though for the day! I will tell you about what is going down here! My companion is really cool! He's having a hard time but I keep him strong and make him laugh a lot! The scripture you sent me changed my outlook on everything. Well I lean on it a lot. Do I love the Lord? Yes so I will feed his sheep. It's so busy here something every second! The language is tough but I am learning at an incredible rate because of the spirit in my heart and my ten hours a day in class. I'm trying to cheer people up, do service and be an example by my obedience as much as I possibly can! I have so many friends. I can't wait till I'm fluent. It will be a lot of stress off! I work hard, feel the spirit all the time, I love all my letters from you and Marissa and couldn't do it without your support! I love you Elder Anderson P.S. CTR ring and coat por favor! Thank you.