Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So I went to Belo Horizonte to handle some last paperwork stuff so I don't get stuck in Brazil, but everything is finalized, I got my Flight Plans also
I am flying American airlines the whole way,
From Belo Horizonte to Florida on the 19th of December. (Bring a Jacket)

Wow, I'm so so so excited to see everyone! ahhhh My spirit is pumped and ready to take on the world! Sometimes I think that my spirit is going to burst out of my body, haha I´m not afraid anymore, I am prepared mentally and spiritually, to take on anything and besides I'm going to just have to man up like my brothers would say, haha. The Lord has been so good to me these past two years, I have been blessed more than I could ever asked, and the mission has really saved my life! So this next P-Day is going to be chill, I'm going to get everything in order that I need, and I plan on everything running very smoothly, I have become a lot more organized on the mission. So I have a couple questions and favors...
1-When is going to be my homecoming talk? and what is going to be the topic?
2-What is marissa´s cell phone number? I already know the others
3-I'm bringing presents, but is there in special request from Brazil?

Alright well that is that, I haven't eaten all day so I'm starving, I will hear more from you next week, it's that last time to ask questions! Love you all bunches peace out trunkiness. I'm ending the mission in FIRE! :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I still have lots of time!
Tic toc tic toc I'm making use of every minute that I have, a normal day of teaching here in Brazil is like 4 to 6 lessons a day and that's working hard, me and my comp are teaching on a average 9 haha I want to go out with fire, it has been hilarious the last couple days, we have been wanting to teach in apartment buildings so instead of ringing the intercoms, we walk and when we see someone that is going to go in or come out, we act like we are shuffling with the keys and we just enter haha its hilarious, we have been having a lot of success doing it though.

So two days ago, we had the Christmas conference and it was amazing, we ate good food and got to go in the front and show the people that were baptized in the month of November and put them on a paper Christmas tree. We also told things we like about our comp, it was really awesome

I cant wait to see everyone in 3 weeks, but whose counting?.....

The rain is coming down and it is getting really hot here, have a coat ready for me there it's going to be freezing!
Love you all have a great week!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Dearest Family,
So lets see, my comp is going home today, he finshied his mission and we finished the transfer in fire, it was awesome, now on to another adventure, I am in Divionopolis with Elder Kersavage, we are going to tear it up here, the work has been slow here so President sent me here to revive the people, I'm animated about life and I'm excited for every day to wake up and work, this last sunday we had a recent convert receive the Aaronic Priesthood in sacrament and directly after bless the sacrament, my joy is full with moments like that! Love feeling the joy of God that comes from missionary work!
I want to give a shout out to Marissa, I love her bunches and I can't wait to wisk her off her feet! haha (p.s. I got your package today, love you! I will save that letter and tape for the plane ride, I have 5 letters coming your way!)
Alright I gotta go get stuff done, buy food, clean house, and cut my hair, too many things to little time!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sup Yall, this week has been good, we went to Belo Horizonte yesterday
for a leaders meeting and we left 12 o clock midnight and got back 10
at night, we spent way to much time on the bus! Uggg, I am going to
rest a little today because I'm exhausted pretty much everything is
closed today because its Memorial day here, day of the dead, we went
to the cemetery to do contacts with people this morning it was really
good! We had two baptisms Sunday and it was amazing, they cried,
because the spirit was so strong, the dad of the family will get
baptized this Sunday! There is not enough time haha, we are leaving
early today to go teach! Love you guys tons!
Elder Anderson

Crazy Times, Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So one more week has passed like a blink of an eye, my comp is headed
home in one week and I have 5 more weeks, haha so my comp made a goal
to help him not get trunky if he talks about home he has to do 40 pull
ups/push ups, and if I pop my knuckles I have to do the same, we have
been working out a lot haha, but, it helps you get rid of your bad

So first story of the week! We were contacting a reference, it was
outside an apartment complex, there were some guys fighting well four
guys against one, they threw big branches at is head and one kicked
him in the face and everyone was looking then a guy rolled out and I
knew something fishy was going on and he pulled out a gun. He grabbed
one of the guys beating up the one guy by the neck and had the gun
pointed at the others, me and my comp hid a little bit to not get hit
in a crossfire there was no way to get out of there, but we decided to
just go for it, luckily nothing happened, we peaced out quickly haha

My second story is quick, we taught an assasin, I'll leave it at that
and tell you more about it after I get home

A crazy week it has been!
I love the gospel so much and I love how it can change us if we choose
to follow Christ! I love you all, all we have to do is put our
confidence in the Lord and everything will work out, He will take care
of us! The world is changing and there are so many problems but we
need more faith, through our faith we will see the miracles!
Have a great week
love Elder Anderson