Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011 Whatsup ya all

So I was going to send pictures here, but I forgot my cord, my hand got hurt last week from falling running home! This week has been funny! There was a handicapped girl who said to her mom, 创kisses创 then her mom kissed her then she came to me and said that, hahah I pulled away and said I couldn't do it, haha I felt so awkward, haha then she asked again, my companion was laughing so hard! We have been working so hard, but everyone this last week we had to take to the church fell through, that sucked. we are working tons to not let that happen again! The clouds here are thick and I am loving every moment, there are just a few pleasures in a missionaries life, like clouds, cold water and ice packs, hahaI love the misison! Have a great week everyone! I miss you all so much!
love Elder Anderson


HEY! Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So this week it has been crazy, I didn't get sick but I got transferred, and while I was getting transferred and me and my companion were on the bus going to the new area, we got a call from President and he wanted my companion to go to the office, and he got yelled at for doing something with his last companion, so I received a new companion and now we are in the new area, we are working tons. Yesterday as we were going home and running, I biffed it and jacked up my hands, they are bleeding and it really is hurting to type, haha, but life goes on. I'm loving every week and I'm going to finish the mission strong! I gotta go love you tons!
Elder Anderson