Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wow I am sore! Yesterday I had a contest with a bunch of kids to see who could throw a rock farther, I had to have thrown 50 rocks, but I won all those little punks haha! The kids here go crazy for missionaries, always asking us to speak English and to do magic! haha I love this area of Veneza, I have been here so long and it is such a big part of me, I know everyone in this city! ha I love teaching this amazing gospel and having so many great friends here! I really know how the Lord had a great life serving others, there is so much happiness that comes from this!

There are just a couple more weeks in this transfer and I can't see President leaving me here one more, its possible but I don't think he will, I have knocked on every door in this city, you know what that means, it's time to start over again! well! my week was great, lots of good crazy times, with the spirit mixed in everywhere, I am really learning how to follow the promptings of the spirit! This gospel is so amazing and I'm so happy to have my life in order for the first time! love you all tons.

If you don't feel like you are receiving enough love send me a email saying ´´I need more love´´ and I'm all over that! Love will be on the way! peace out everyone!
Elder Anderson

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alright you know how I said it has been raining a ton, well it stopped! and...... it is SUPER hot! What a blessing this is! haha my faith is really going to grow after this hot streak we are going to have! Let me think of the pluses

1- My clothes can actually dry
2- I am going to have a wicked tan through my clothes
3- My faith will grow,

That is about it! Life is good here in Brazil! We are still teaching a bunch of lessons and the baptisms this last week went very well! The Lord is really opening up the minds and hearts of the people here! We had a great week teaching, we walked through the jungle this week to an old Catholic church that was in the middle, it was super cool to see. we have a lot of people who are progressing who are going to be baptized this next week, but anyways I'm sitting in this lan house melting right now, I believe I am going to die, oh another plus 4- I will lose more weight, ahhh I can't lose any more!

You are all in my prayers, keep being awesome and keep putting the Lord in the number one spot in your lives, I would have a scripture to back that up but I don't know how it is in English, only in Portuguese so I love you all tons! Have a great week and a happy New Years!
Elder Anderson


Da liçença, Wednesday, January 12, 2010

SO..... THIS IS AWKWARD..... It seems like I haven't written an email in a while. This week has passed by very slowly. We have spent the last day in leadership training meetings, and been spending a lot of time on the buses, I hope you all realize what the buses are like here, they pack the buses with way to many people, you stand up the entire time (unless you are very lucky to get a seat) and everyone is in a horrible mood because they are cramped and sweating! Lets just say it can get a little wierd on the buses. We are teaching a lot of lessons and I am working my new companion almost to death, but he is getting stronger and better every day! So in the meetings every day President walks around and shakes everyones hands and when he does he gives a jerk and when you fall forward he tells you not to be lazy, it is so funny, but I am the only one he has never gotten, he tried to get me yesterday, but I am much bigger than him, he took two hands to try and give me a jerk and was pulling with all his might and then I told him not to be lazy and everyone was laughing, President Parrella is so funny! So we have a family that we are teaching and they are way aweseome. they are very elect and they are following through with everything, they loved the church this sunday and they will be baptized this next sunday, I love how the Lord prepares people. So that is my week. thanks for being so awesome everyone, oh and tomorrow is my one year mark, I can't even believe it, time flies when your having fun in Brazil! Love you all ate mais
com amor
Elder Anderson


One Year On A Mission! Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So.... where do I start..... first off I will talk about my prank on my companion, it was priceless haha they were talking so many bad things about Americans and he was like ´´I'm Brazilian, I'm Brazilian´´ oh my goodness it was hilarious! The next time I send out my memory card you will see the movie! What a great way to start the mission, getting the crap scared out of you. He is super nervous about talking to people but I am helping him come out of his shell!

Last night in the night of integration we played a game that is called ´´train´´ and you put chairs together two and two like a train, and you give everyone numbers and there is someone else that has your same number, and on the count of three everyone has to jump up and find the person with their own number and sit in a seat next to them, but we take out some chairs and who doesn't find their partner and sit in time loses, it is so funny, and super loud, everyone is yelling their numbers trying to find the person with their number! Brazilians are super loud and crazy, just like the Anderson family, I believe that is why I fit in so well here!

So as you can tell that this week has been a good one! putting my companion under intense situations and just a lot of fun! Alright well I love you all and I only want to be for you! My one year mark is almost here NOSSA MÃE! ta bom eu amo todos voces muito, tenha uma boa semana
Elder Anderson


HAPPY NEW YEAR'S, Wednesday, December 29

So it is a new transfer! I am still here in Veneza but I have a new companion, his name is Elder Fontes! He is a Brazilian! I am excited to start this new transfer! We are going to play the joke on this missionary tonight! He got on the mission today! I am training him! Christmas was so good! Got to talk to my family! and I ate a lot! it has been raining so much! here! I stay wet at all times haha! It is awesome. Oh and I heard that people don't know why I say ´´haha´´ well if you all hate it I'm not going to do it no more! Just kidding haha!

There were so many drunk people on Christmas, we had our santa hats on and all the drunk people wanted to give us a hug! haha I probably hugged 10 drunk people on Christmas. I was really feeling the love! Holidays here are so different! They don't do anything for any holiday, pretty much holidays consist of people eating a lot and getting drunk!

My one year mark is coming up! I can't believe how fast the mission is passing! I am excited for this next year! I have so much more to learn and so much more to grow! I am going to take advantage of every second that I have on the misison! Everyone keep being awesome and everyone have a great New Years! Scream extra loud for me! Until next week!
Elder Anderson