Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So I went to Belo Horizonte to handle some last paperwork stuff so I don't get stuck in Brazil, but everything is finalized, I got my Flight Plans also
I am flying American airlines the whole way,
From Belo Horizonte to Florida on the 19th of December. (Bring a Jacket)

Wow, I'm so so so excited to see everyone! ahhhh My spirit is pumped and ready to take on the world! Sometimes I think that my spirit is going to burst out of my body, haha I´m not afraid anymore, I am prepared mentally and spiritually, to take on anything and besides I'm going to just have to man up like my brothers would say, haha. The Lord has been so good to me these past two years, I have been blessed more than I could ever asked, and the mission has really saved my life! So this next P-Day is going to be chill, I'm going to get everything in order that I need, and I plan on everything running very smoothly, I have become a lot more organized on the mission. So I have a couple questions and favors...
1-When is going to be my homecoming talk? and what is going to be the topic?
2-What is marissa´s cell phone number? I already know the others
3-I'm bringing presents, but is there in special request from Brazil?

Alright well that is that, I haven't eaten all day so I'm starving, I will hear more from you next week, it's that last time to ask questions! Love you all bunches peace out trunkiness. I'm ending the mission in FIRE! :)

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