Crazy Times, Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So one more week has passed like a blink of an eye, my comp is headed
home in one week and I have 5 more weeks, haha so my comp made a goal
to help him not get trunky if he talks about home he has to do 40 pull
ups/push ups, and if I pop my knuckles I have to do the same, we have
been working out a lot haha, but, it helps you get rid of your bad

So first story of the week! We were contacting a reference, it was
outside an apartment complex, there were some guys fighting well four
guys against one, they threw big branches at is head and one kicked
him in the face and everyone was looking then a guy rolled out and I
knew something fishy was going on and he pulled out a gun. He grabbed
one of the guys beating up the one guy by the neck and had the gun
pointed at the others, me and my comp hid a little bit to not get hit
in a crossfire there was no way to get out of there, but we decided to
just go for it, luckily nothing happened, we peaced out quickly haha

My second story is quick, we taught an assasin, I'll leave it at that
and tell you more about it after I get home

A crazy week it has been!
I love the gospel so much and I love how it can change us if we choose
to follow Christ! I love you all, all we have to do is put our
confidence in the Lord and everything will work out, He will take care
of us! The world is changing and there are so many problems but we
need more faith, through our faith we will see the miracles!
Have a great week
love Elder Anderson

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