Wednesday, October 5, 2011

O Groupo: Ola,
Tudo esta bem aqui nesta area. Eu amo lafaiete, ent鉶 essa semana foi bem doido, n騭 andamos bastante e ensinamos muitas pessoas, o senhor esta n髎 aben鏾ando muito agora! So I loved general conference, it was so amazing! I got to watch all the sessions, I loved the first session on Saturday, it was amazing, I loved the talk about time and I also loved the talk of Elder Packer, it was so amazing, President Monson is so funny when he got up there to announce the temples and said HELLO`` haha I haven't heard someone start a talk like that in general conference haha hilarious! It is such blessing to hear from apostles of the Lord! I can't wait to get the Ensign of conference, I will study it tons, oh and Elder Andersen talked about marriage, wink wink Marissa haha I am very happy today, it's cloudy and raining here which makes me happy, I hate walking in the blazing sun, but it is still warm here, I am going to freeze my butt off when I get in the states brrrrr!

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