Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HELLO GENTE! So I have been transferred, to another city it is called
IPATINGA! It is 6 hours by bus ride, It is so stinkin hot here it is
unbelievable, we spent the first couple days melting! The first night, I
lost like 3 hours of sleep because I couldn't sleep because it was so
hot, but then we got a member to hook us up with a fan, and I have
been sleeping like a baby ever since, this area has always baptized
very little, but this transfer that is going to be changed. I have a
new comp, Elder Thornley, he is from Syracuse, Utah and this is his last
transfer on the mission! It has been a long time since this area has
baptized, but we are going to change that, we found someone Thursday
this old guy that speaks 12 languages and he is excited for his
baptism this week, the Lord is really blessing us. It's so good to hear
that everyone is doing great, besides Ciara and Bryton haha get better
soon! We got into the house here and there was nothing, we don't have
anything to wash our clothes, so we are either doing it by hand or we
have to ask neighbors, oh and this week we were walking to church and
we invited a guy that was outside his house to go with us, he said
okay, went and changed his clothes, as we walked he told us that he
has already killed two people and then he asked where the church was
and we told him, he stopped and said he had enemies by there and they
would kill him if he went over there, so he stayed and we enjoyed a
great day at church. I was really hoping he would go but that's what
happens when your a killer haha
Have a great week everyone!
Elder Anderson

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