Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I just want to make a declaration, 创I am not trunky创 haha I don't believe in that kind of stuff! So lets see, this week was amazing, we had a family get baptized in the branch, the mom and kid were baptized to Sundays ago and the dad was baptized this Sunday, the kid and mom bore testimony of the church and I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life, I'm serious!! Then, the 1st counselor got up and said I want to testify that there are angels in this room! It was powerful! The family is preparing to go to the temple, they already have a picture of the temple on there wall! The Lord has been blessing us so much here, we are working so much and the Lord blesses us even more than we deserve! The mission is the best place on earth! So my comp got sick today, he pooped his pants during study and then we were sitting there and he said 创I think I'm going to throw up创 and sure enough he did haha and got it all over the place on the way to the bathroom! haha, but he is feeling better now, it was because he ate weird Brazilian food last night haha, we are happy here and full of life! The work will go on! Love you all have a great week!
love you all
Elder Anderson

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