Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Swimming caps for a baptism!

Hey everyone this week was great, had some awesome baptisms and a lot of happiness, I am loving it in this area, the ward is huge and there are a lot of returned missionaries to help us out, we are having some great family nights and receiving awesome references, we are going to have another baptism this next week! The Lord is amazing and is blessing us so much! It's a beautiful day here but I am getting sick of the sun, the sun is great, but to work in it it's not the best, the best days are when it is pouring rain, it hasn't rained forever here and the air is polluted and I'm excited for a hug thunder storm, I hope you enjoy the pictures. We had swim caps on because there was a baptism that she didn't want to get her hair wet because she has something to go to and she got it all beautiful, imagine us trying to find a swim cap in Brazil, it was not easy but for God nothing is impossible! Love you all now you keep the smile on the face and everything will work out!
elder Anderson

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