Wed. July 6, 2011

Brazil is where my heart is.

Baptisms are great!

Have I been walking?

We will see what they look like when I get home!

WAZZZZ UP! HEY FAM! So I am very happy today! I woke up excited! Here are a couple pics for you guys to enjoy! This week has been great! We have 3 super strong for this next week! There is so much drama going on here, but me and my comp are trying to stay very long away from it! One guy that we found to be baptized this week, it'd the most elect person that I have found on the mission! Wow it's that person that you wait your whole mission to baptize! HE IS AMAZING! His name is Celso and we taught the first lesson to him, he accepted a baptismal date firmly, he prayed that night to see if what we taught was true because he has a teaology professor that lives with him that was saying so many bad things about the church, so he prayed and when we got there we gave him the Book of Mormon, he was just looking at it and curiously opened it to look inside, before we explained anything and he read Mosiah 18:13 and he looked at us and said he knows that this church is true! He was waiting there ready for church Sunday, loved the church, didn't want to leave! and he is ready! The Lord is amazing on the mission! He has already prepared the way, it is our choice to follow this path or not! You are all in my prayers! I know that we have difficulties in our lives all of us sin in our lives! We need to support one another as a family and grow to have an eternal family!
love you all
have a great week!
Elder Anderson

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