Eu Amo Vocês! Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So to start off the email this week, our sewage backed up this week and we have been having some real problems with that, and its taking forever for them to come to fix it, so being eagle scouts, we have been inventing others ways to get rid of water in our house, haha it is getting interesting haha. We have been seeing monkies tons in this area, they are so cool, they walk all over the power lines. We have this crazy lady progressing for baptism, she smokes but she didn't smoke today, she is just eating tons of candy. That's the secret medicine to stop smoking! So I have conquered my nail biting habit, me and my comp made goals about that, I couldn't chew my nails and he couldn't touch his face and if we did we had to do 45 pull ups at night, so after a couple failures and some good work outs I have beat the habit well I think so, it has been a couple days since I have put my hands in my mouth. So these last couple days there have been devil worshiping marches here, they play drums and chant, haha they are nuts, we passed them the other day and there were two people dressed up like a king and queen, I have no idea why, but they were, and I'm pretty sure we got on a video that they were making, we are going to be famous! Alright well that is my week! Have a great week! Life is joyful!
Elder Anderson

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