Wed, June 22, 2011

Chase's companion with all the stray dogs! There are tons in Brazil!

Just helping each other out! No hot water!!!

Nothing like baptism day!

Oh you know. Monkeys in our backyard. No big deal.

Hey everyone! So this week has been good, but these last couple days we haven't had water in our house so we fill up buckets of water from the neighbor and we take showers with the freezing buckets of water! haha Every morning we yell because the water is so cold haha, it is funny. This last Sunday was great, the baptism was awesome and we have 3 baptisms for this week, the Lord started to bless us a ton! Oh and we saw a couple monkeys in the trees this week which is really weird because we are in the middle of a city. Life is great here, I live day by day as if it were the last! Our lives pass by like it were a dream, that's why it is so important to do the things that we have to do for our salvation in this short time that we have! I'm loving the Book of Mormon, I'm reading about Abinadi and how he started talking against King Noah because he is iniquitous, I love the power of God and everything is possible with God! Every person can change and we need to reach out to all people around us and do our part to help them change, they will make decisions if they want to change or not, but all we need to know is that we did our part! I love you fam! You are all so amazing and we need to make sure that our relationship is always strong! Have a great week! Love you all tons!
Elder Anderson

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