Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So it has been a while since I have written a good group email! So I am here in Riach in a city called Contagem, and my companion is Elder Cerutti! He is Brazilian and from the south! He is so cool and I am so excited to serve with him! These last couple weeks I have been with Elder Dale, we worked until blood left the feet haha but there was very little success, this city I'm in has a lot of rich people, the rich people don't worry as much about God as they do their money, so it has been a little hard. Elder Ceruttiand me are re-organizing and regathering our forces! We are going to tear up the roads here! Wow, I am loving the mission, I don't take one day for granted, I feel like a kid on the mission, never wanting to put things for afterwards, today has to be the best!

Elder Dale and I we were teaching a man that was having problems with cigarettes and alcohol we were doing everything to help him but in the end he stopped fulfilling with his part! So we had to cut him! We taught a lesson last night for a João and it was so spiritual, he accepted a date and I am super animated to help him! I will miss Elder Dale a lot, we worked before the mission together in BUY LOW and we are going to be great friends forever!

So I woke up early today and we went to the giant bus station in Belo Horizonte like 40 minutes away from my house here and I got my new companion! He seems like he is way excited for the work so lets see what he gots! boo yahhh!

-Happy birthday to Grandma and Grandpa Bowers, I love you!
-Marissa you are gorgeous!

Alright I hope you enjoyed the email this week! I love you all and lets get some work done!

Elder Anderson

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