Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hey so this week has been awesome and I am going to tell three stories today lets go...

Baptism- So we have a baptism this week, her name is Larissa and she has like 40 years, she lives with her husband but her husband is a bum, he does nothing for her, her and her two kids go without food some times, but we are helping her get back on her feet, she is loving the Book of Mormon and is reading every day, her prayers are amazing and super long, she is going to have a great baptism and she is super excited

Storm- I saw a storm that I have never seen before, imagine this, it was a beautiful night and we were climbing a hill, we felt a light breeze on our backs and then it started to be harder and we started to climb the hill we more breeze, and then a huge storm came, we were close to a gas station and things started to fall over and we ran for cover, and then things started to blow up and all the power went out, it came in like 10 seconds I'm not even joking it was completely nuts, but you know me I was loving life! haha got a video of it! Next week I'll send it

Dead guy- so we were teaching in a Favela, which is a ghetto, and when I say ghetto I mean ghetto, and there when gun shots and we may or may not have seen a dead guy in the road, alright we saw one, it was weird no one was weirded out, it is normal thing I guess that happens there haha but don't worry about me, God is protecting us, I won't do anything stupid, and no one messes with missionaries! haha the mission is awesome!

So I am excited with great health and lets keep that Lords work moving forward!
Elder Anderson

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