Wednesday, May 18,2011 BRASIL MOSTRA SUA CADA

NOSSA! Esta semana foi bem legal! eu estou amando Brasil mais e mais cada dia! Haha somebody needs to learn Portuguese there! I am going to teach the little ones, Preston and Charlotte Portuguese! Because children learn languages so easily! We had zone conference yesterday and it was so awesome! We learned so much about how we can become better people by taking upon us the attributes of Christ! President Parrella is so amazing and this mission is growing so much because of him! He is super strict but that's how it needs to be! I love the mission! I become happier every day! There are difficulties but that's life! Through hard work and the gospel of Christ you can overcome whatever difficulty that you have in your life! All of us do things wrong but we can overcome these things and be closer to Christ every day! So SMILE today it is a great day! It was a present from God that we received today! `´THATS GREAT`` like tony the tiger would say is that kind of attitude that we need! when we have a test we need to say ´´that's great´´ and stay happy! Love you all so much! Sorry I am such a horrible email writer, I'll just keep using the excuse that I'm a guy.... hahah love you all!
Elder Anderson

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