Some love with photos, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Missionary Group!


WOW look at this egg
My Owwie Hand

Wazzzzzz upppp! So I woke up excited and ready to start a new transfer, to my great surprise I was not transferred this transfer, so I am still here in Sabará with Elder Santiago.so it has started to rain again, you know how I love the rain, I never use a umbrella because I love it so much. we have been having some difficulties with our investigators falling but I know the Lord is going to bless us very shortly.
So here for Easter they have passover, it is a week of partying and tons of Catholic stuff. They had a giant play in front of a catholic church, there had to be a thousand people there. This week is the one time a year the Catholics watch mass, haha just kidding. There are some strong frequenting Catholics here, I love learning about the the traditions and things of other churches. Sabará is full of old historic churches, it is really neat.
I think that me and my companion are going to go to a museum today, and explore Sabará a little more. I hope yall enjoy these pictures. I have tons more where these came from. A couple pictures are, the back of a kids head that I thought was awesome, a big chocolate egg for the passover, a couple of my , baptisms, oh and when I cut my hand because I fell, yeah my companion laughed, I almost said a bad word, but I didn't my companion (Elder Hilton) was surprised I contained myself.
There is sunshine in my soul, I know that this is the church of our Savior Jesus Christ, I know that his atoning sacrifice has a purifying power. I am grateful for all the people who show me their love, I pray that I can always show you my love, so sincerely feel this when I say it!
Elder Anderson

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