WOW, WHAT A WEEK! Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SO this week was a little crazy! It was carnival week here in Brazil! And it gets so so so so crazy here! haha everyone gets drunk, all the guys dress like girls and the girls don't dress! It is horrible and we tried to stay as far from anything as possible! On the way home, we found this old drunk guy that fell on the road because he couldn't walk anymore and water was rushing over him! He would have drowned if we hadn't passed, we picked him up and we had already talked to this guy before so we knew where he lived, he had a bunch of blood on him from falling! He couldn't walk so we picked him up and carried him all the way home! haha the whole way home he was giggling saying, `´only Americans would do this´´ and kept saying ´´I don't speak English´´ haha I was laughing so hard, he had a shish ka bob (sp?) of meat and he wouldn't let go of it for nothing, haha as we were carrying him it kept on hitting into Elder Hilton's mouth! It was serious, but seriously so funny!

It has been raining so much! My shoes are constantly full with water! It is horrible, but life goes on! There were very very few in church this week and the work has been hard but we are still finding many elects! The Lord is blessing us a ton! I spent the day hiking in the jungle with some natives and eating all sorts of delicious fruit, saw a parrot, and a waterfall! Love you all tons have a great week!

love Elder Anderson

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