sup tudo mundo Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So I have to go to Belo Horizonte right now, I will try and write you all there!
Elder Anderson

Mom's Letter
Wazzz up momers! How are you doing! It is another great day here in Sabara, I am loving it here, seriously it is so beautiful here, but wow do you need to see the hills! Haha there are so many! Haha I think I am going to loose lots more weight! but this town is so awesome! There is just a tiny district, like 10 or 15 people, but there is a lot of room for growth and there is going to be so much growth this transfer, we already have 2 baptisms for this week, and 5 for the next, and we will get even more! It is a great area and I am really liking my companion! I love you mom and I'm happy that you had such a great time with dad and the BYU students, it makes me so happy that you get time alone together! Keep being awesome and Cory and Jessica are in my prayers! Send grandma a kiss for me and here is one for you muah!
Elder Anderson

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