IT'S ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE, Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Well this week has been great! We had an awesome baptism! and we had a bunch of people in church! I'm so excited for general conference, I can't even stand it! Just to hear the words of a prophet makes me so so happy! The Lord has been blessing us here so much in SabarĂ¡! So let's see here I have two stories today!

First off, we had an investigator that we had to wake up for church. We went to his house and his window was a crack open, we sat there for 15 minutes yelling as loud as we could to get him up, but nothing worked, so what did we do you ask? We found a branch close by, stuck it in the window and started poking him, haha we poked and poked but yet he didn't get up, he moved a little but he was knocked out cold, haha, we took the stick and lifted his blanket off him and that did the job, in the end he went to church and loved it! You have to get a little wild as a missionary sometimes!

We talked to a bum on the road and asked him if there was anyting he needed and he said no and then said one second, he started lookin around in his cart and he gave us an unopened bag of noodles and told us to help someone in need! and about an hour after we found a family that was really poor and were very grateful for the noodles, now that is an example of charity! Let's do what we can to help out others, the bum in Sabara is doing it, so shouldn't we?

I love you all so much! Shout out to marissa! She isn't doing very good health wise, keep her in your prayers!

Elder Anderson

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