I Love the rain Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey whats up everyone? So I am alive this week! I am not killing for time so I will write a email a little better! So lets see this week have been great! We have been finding a lot of elects, and the Lord is really showing us love in every way! We have seen some cool things this week also, this city is full of crazy things, it is a very old historic place, there was a lot of gold here in the olden times, wherever there is money, crazy things happen! There are so many hills here and I am still losing a little weight, there is nothing I can do, I eat so much, but the hills here are killer. Haha we lost our keys to our house this week, but we found them randomly as we were walking through the jungle. The lord really helped us on that one!

There is a kid that we baptized a little bit ago and he has such a huge family, his grandma had 19 kids, so you can just imagine, that is where we are finding so many people, he is going to bring so many people into the church, our plan is to turn this district into a ward by the end of this transfer or the end of the next with just this family haha! So I am doing well health wise and I'm super happy because it has been rainy the last couple days, wow I love the rain! everything is going great here! Thanks for all the support, love you tons! Have a great week!
Elder Anderson


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