SO.. Yesterday we had zone conference! It was a very building spiritual experience! President Parrella and Sister Parrella are so amazing! We also heard a talk from a stake president that was so funny! He told stories about his mission! I can't wait to get back and tell all of you all my stories from my mission, the good times, the hard times, the ups and downs, and the many miracles that happened on my mission, I am enjoying every day at a time and I am so focused on saving many souls! SabarĂ¡ is so amazing and I know without doubt that the Lord has his hand in all things, I'm here for a purpose and I am going to give all I have to find that purpose!

So 2 days ago we were on the street knocking doors and there was a lady that passed by, that was on drugs, she was really gross, she asked my companion if he would give her love, and him not speaking well and not understanding, said he loved all of Gods children, hah then she tried to attack him, saying all sorts of gross things, and I stood in front of her and told here to leave, then she tried to attack me, then a man yelled from his doorway to hurry and enter his house, we ran and she followed, as I was entering she gave my butt a squeeze and I hurried in and my companion hurried in behind me haha well, the guy that let us in now has a date to be baptized haha Welcome to my life in Brazil!
love you all have a great week!
Elder Anderson

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