Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alright you know how I said it has been raining a ton, well it stopped! and...... it is SUPER hot! What a blessing this is! haha my faith is really going to grow after this hot streak we are going to have! Let me think of the pluses

1- My clothes can actually dry
2- I am going to have a wicked tan through my clothes
3- My faith will grow,

That is about it! Life is good here in Brazil! We are still teaching a bunch of lessons and the baptisms this last week went very well! The Lord is really opening up the minds and hearts of the people here! We had a great week teaching, we walked through the jungle this week to an old Catholic church that was in the middle, it was super cool to see. we have a lot of people who are progressing who are going to be baptized this next week, but anyways I'm sitting in this lan house melting right now, I believe I am going to die, oh another plus 4- I will lose more weight, ahhh I can't lose any more!

You are all in my prayers, keep being awesome and keep putting the Lord in the number one spot in your lives, I would have a scripture to back that up but I don't know how it is in English, only in Portuguese so I love you all tons! Have a great week and a happy New Years!
Elder Anderson

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