One Year On A Mission! Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So.... where do I start..... first off I will talk about my prank on my companion, it was priceless haha they were talking so many bad things about Americans and he was like ´´I'm Brazilian, I'm Brazilian´´ oh my goodness it was hilarious! The next time I send out my memory card you will see the movie! What a great way to start the mission, getting the crap scared out of you. He is super nervous about talking to people but I am helping him come out of his shell!

Last night in the night of integration we played a game that is called ´´train´´ and you put chairs together two and two like a train, and you give everyone numbers and there is someone else that has your same number, and on the count of three everyone has to jump up and find the person with their own number and sit in a seat next to them, but we take out some chairs and who doesn't find their partner and sit in time loses, it is so funny, and super loud, everyone is yelling their numbers trying to find the person with their number! Brazilians are super loud and crazy, just like the Anderson family, I believe that is why I fit in so well here!

So as you can tell that this week has been a good one! putting my companion under intense situations and just a lot of fun! Alright well I love you all and I only want to be for you! My one year mark is almost here NOSSA MÃE! ta bom eu amo todos voces muito, tenha uma boa semana
Elder Anderson

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