HAPPY NEW YEAR'S, Wednesday, December 29

So it is a new transfer! I am still here in Veneza but I have a new companion, his name is Elder Fontes! He is a Brazilian! I am excited to start this new transfer! We are going to play the joke on this missionary tonight! He got on the mission today! I am training him! Christmas was so good! Got to talk to my family! and I ate a lot! it has been raining so much! here! I stay wet at all times haha! It is awesome. Oh and I heard that people don't know why I say ´´haha´´ well if you all hate it I'm not going to do it no more! Just kidding haha!

There were so many drunk people on Christmas, we had our santa hats on and all the drunk people wanted to give us a hug! haha I probably hugged 10 drunk people on Christmas. I was really feeling the love! Holidays here are so different! They don't do anything for any holiday, pretty much holidays consist of people eating a lot and getting drunk!

My one year mark is coming up! I can't believe how fast the mission is passing! I am excited for this next year! I have so much more to learn and so much more to grow! I am going to take advantage of every second that I have on the misison! Everyone keep being awesome and everyone have a great New Years! Scream extra loud for me! Until next week!
Elder Anderson

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