Da liçença, Wednesday, January 12, 2010

SO..... THIS IS AWKWARD..... It seems like I haven't written an email in a while. This week has passed by very slowly. We have spent the last day in leadership training meetings, and been spending a lot of time on the buses, I hope you all realize what the buses are like here, they pack the buses with way to many people, you stand up the entire time (unless you are very lucky to get a seat) and everyone is in a horrible mood because they are cramped and sweating! Lets just say it can get a little wierd on the buses. We are teaching a lot of lessons and I am working my new companion almost to death, but he is getting stronger and better every day! So in the meetings every day President walks around and shakes everyones hands and when he does he gives a jerk and when you fall forward he tells you not to be lazy, it is so funny, but I am the only one he has never gotten, he tried to get me yesterday, but I am much bigger than him, he took two hands to try and give me a jerk and was pulling with all his might and then I told him not to be lazy and everyone was laughing, President Parrella is so funny! So we have a family that we are teaching and they are way aweseome. they are very elect and they are following through with everything, they loved the church this sunday and they will be baptized this next sunday, I love how the Lord prepares people. So that is my week. thanks for being so awesome everyone, oh and tomorrow is my one year mark, I can't even believe it, time flies when your having fun in Brazil! Love you all ate mais
com amor
Elder Anderson

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