In the city to the jungle once again

Now District Leader, Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So I have been transferred again! I am now in Veneza with my new companion! I finally got a Brazilian! His name is Elder Silva Souza and he is from Paraná which is under São Paulo he is way cool and I am way excited for this new area! So this last week has been crazy!! We got some good baptisms and the lord really blessed us, but this new area is really poor which I love! All the roads are dirt and I have already visited this ward when I was in my first area! But, now I can actually speak! What a blessing! haha soooooo I want to give a giant shout out for Marissa! She got her mission call and she is going to the Salt Lake City, UTAH mission haha I was shocked, haha oh my haha but yeah I am way excited for her! Now that I am thinking about it this week wasn't that crazy, surprisingly being here in Brazil can get pretty crazy! I know I'm going to have the craziest stories for you next week! Because this area is for sure going to be crazy! Okay, I'm sorry I'm not going to write more, I have been slacking but I will get better next week! Love you all, congrats Marissa, love you! Also I was made district leader.


Possibly Goodbye to Caicara

Our Mission Comb Overs and Pictures

Our Freezer, "No Room In The Inn"

Mission Pictures at Caicara

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So how are my loved ones doing? Because, I am doing great! It's been a tough week with a little sickness, but I'm doing tons better now! Here are some pictures for you all! Me and my companion did comb overs today and then a photo shoot, there is a picture of our freezer and then just one random! So we may be baptizing some of those Jehovah Witnesses because the lessons are going well! We shall see haha! Sounds like everyone is doing well and smiling a ton! That is what I'm talking about! We have no reason not to be happy!

We had a ton of people in church this last Sunday and this next Sunday is going to be a very happy day with many souls entering into a covenant with God! I am so grateful for this opportunity, I have to be an instrument in the Lords hands, to walk where Jesus would walk to say what Jesus would say, this church is true! and that's that! This could possibly be my last week here in Caiçara so I am going to make sure I am going to make the very best out of it! This transfer has flown by! I don't know why but time flies out here, if whoever is reading this has not gotten the chance to harass Dennis Crump yet make sure you do it haha and if you don't know what happened ask my dad!

Nothing to crazy happened this week, except my crying bums and walking by a lot of prostitutes! This world is wicked! Well on that note I will let you all go! I love you all and you are in my prayers! SMILE!!!
Elder Anderson

P.S. sorry this is so short, but I gotta get stuff done today!


Wednesday, August 11,2010

So here I am again after another very short week! It has been really hot lately, but today is a really cloudy cool day and very nice! This week has been a good week! Lots of work to be done! So I will tell you some of the funny things that happened to me, like normal I made another bum cry, he was drunk out of his mind and I walked up to him and he was talking to me and I was like can I tell you something, he said of course, I told him to stop drinking and smoking because these things aren't of God and then he started crying and he held up his beer can and I said get rid of it and then he threw it and was bawling, haha drunk people always cry when you call them out on their sins! It was so funny! But, then I comforted him and told him to visit the church.

So yesterday while we were knocking on doors, we ran into a bunch of Jehovah Witness missionaries, haha so what did I do, Ii got all their addresses, after many excuses and resistance, we are going to visit them tonight and teach them the real gospel, it was so funny! They were so scared for some reason to talk to us, and then later we ran into some more Jehovah witness members in a house, haha. I'm dedicating this next week to baptizing some Jehovah Witnesses! haha

We have some amazing people we are teaching. We taught someone last week that after the first lesson, he asked us what he needed to do to be baptized, it was awesome. He has visited the church, stopped smoking, and he is living the commandments, he can't wait for his baptism and he can't wait to be a great example for his kid, he is not living with his girlfriend so he can get baptized but they are going to get married and sealed in the temple for time and all eternity! Watching the life of people change is the greatest blessing and is so much joy! I understand why the glory of God is to bring to pass the salvation of man!

This mission is amazing, I grow and learn more every day! I'm so grateful for all the many blessings, I have in my life! I'm grateful for my parents and the amazing example they have always been for me, grateful for my brothers and sisters, the love they always show and the good times we have had and will have! Grateful for Marissa and the love she shows me, and for everyone who has touched my life in a special way! Thank you, I can't wait to see you all in the celestial kingdom!

So I hope you enjoy these pictures, I will be sending them all home soon! Love you family and Marissa! Have a great week! Keep smiling and make every day better than the last! Oh and study your scriptures. . . . or else! :)
Elder Anderson


THE ADVENTURE, Wednesday, August 4, 2010

So today has been a very interesting day! We woke up, did our studying and then started our p day! We had to get on a bus to go to a members house, but guess what we got on the wrong bus, it took us about a hour and a half in the wrong direction, we were extremely lost in the middle of Brazil, haha after talking to a bunch of Brazilians and them being like ohhhhhhhhh nooooo your are way far away, we found someone to help us! He told us a bus we needed to take to get back to civilization, haha we waited and waited and then finally the bus came, haha it was this little mini bus that stank. We got on and it drove for a while and we had no idea where we were, and the bus driver told us to get off on the next stop because he 创thought it was cai鏰ra创 So we got off and started walking and ran into something I have never seen in Brazil, a giant mall. We walked inside and I was in heaven, it was just like the states, a giant beautiful mall, with delicious smells! Wow, I never wanted to leave! They actually had dryers in the mall, it is the first time I have seen a dryer here! I almost died, they had McDonald's and Pizza Hut! Wow and guess what the crazy bus driver was right, we were in our area, this beautiful mall is in our area! So now we have a place we are going every week on p day, not to buy anything but just to sit there and be in America haha! haha so after that we walked another hour to get home and now I'm here sitting in the lan house emailing my loved ones! What an adventure! Yesterday was zone meeting which was so amazing and I'll send some of the stuff. I learned in a letter, but we learned something, they are changing the mission rules worldwide, they will only have zone conference 4 times every year and they will only have interviews with the president 4 times every year! So I'm going to find some other sneaky ways to get my letters! Keep them coming though! haha Marissa has her papers officially turned in! that is so awesome, everyone make sure you give her some loving because the devil really works on you right before you go on a mission! So this is my day! my week has been crazy too, but I don't have much time to talk about it! So I will just give some highlights, I watched someone scream a prayer right before one of our lessons, I had someone tell me they received personal revelation for me that the devil was going to come after me and that there is a lion with his mouth open ready to attack me, but no worries he said he is going to pray for me, wow what a relief hahaha! so that's about it! It's crazy here in Brazil! But, I'm having fun and missing you all tons!
paz fora
Elder Anderson