Wednesday, June 23,2010

My dearest family! Thanks for all your wonderful letters! It made my day! Wow, sounds like you all had a really good week. I'm so happy for you all! There is so much to learn about this gospel, it is just blowing my mind, I spend nights where I can't get to sleep well, because a religious topic takes my mind into a whirl haha. But, yeah I'm so happy for you all and how much you are growing! So my week was good, we had zone conference yesterday and it was so amazing, we found out an apostle is coming to talk to our mission in October, David A. Bednar will be here and we will get to talk to him personally! Wow, I am so excited! I love the mission! So this last week was the first week in a while that we didn't have a baptism so that was a bummer, but we still got a lot of people in church, so we should have one this next week. That is so exciting Chance Hansen is already getting home, time flew! Wow! We are teaching this lady that is so good, we just gave her a Book of Mormon and we came back and she had read a bunch and described it perfect. I was so excited for her, this lady is having real hard times. About a month ago her brother killed her husband with a knife in their house and now her brother is on the run from the law, she is so broken up´about it but this gospel will bless her life! Gosh it is killing me to see all you all growing up and having adventures but when I get back we are going to party hard!, I love you all tons! I have to go, we have some lessons we are teaching today! But, I will write more next week! I love you all! Dad keep being crazy, mom keep being sweet, Ciara keep being beautiful, Chad and Kina keep being great parents, Cory and Jessica keep being awesome and Marissa keep being perfect! love you all!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, June 16,2010

Yo wazz up?

Hey everyone! Are you alive? I hope the trip went amazing and your testimonies were built so much! Tell me everything that happened, I want to here about all the funny moments and everything! So now about my week, we had two baptisms this last week, but one of our baptisms is having a really hard time kicking the cigarettes, wow it is frustrating but we are working our hardest to help her out! Every day we work harder and harder, we are really being blessed in this area though, so if you don't know the World Cup is going on now and yesterday Brazil played! Lets just say from 4 until 8 no one wanted to hear a message! They get insane here when it comes to the World Cup! Everyones house is decorated, the streets are painted and when they play everyone and their dog wears Brazil colors, it is so funny! haha, when they score you would think an earthquake is going on, everyone is yelling, blowing horns and just being crazy. Fireworks are going off and its fun! We can't watch the World Cup, so we just try are hardest to find people who don't like soccer! We have a couple more baptisms for this next week, so that's awesome. Baptisms make missionary work worth it, when you work all day, everyday and you are just tired it all goes away when you see the joy a person has on their baptism day! Other than that nothing is new, I hope you enjoy my pictures that you should be getting soon, I have already started on a new card! :) Everything is going well here! I am staying happy and working hard! The lord is my light! I love this gospel and I don't think I can ever share that enough now! I didn't realize anything, it was like I had blinders on before my mission! The more I learn, the more I can see! Don't let yourself be trapped into being blind! There is so much to learn and so much happiness to be had! I love the lord, I love this gospel, and I love you all! Have a great week and I can't wait to get your emails next week! - Elder Anderson


Wednesday, June 9,2010


So how are is my wonderful family and friends doing? I hope amazing! So do I have some stories for you this week that can hopefully bring some smiles to your face because they did to mine!

Story 1- so after a long day of teaching, we started to make our way home and we decided to do some contacts on the way. After a few contacts we were just walking and there was this guy that was walking towards us, it was dark so I couldn't see him too well, but he was wearing all black, a black coat, black pants and this weird black army Beret(I don't know how you spell it but one of the army hats). He was walking towards us on the sidewalk and I decided to do a contact with him, he started to get closer and closer, and then I was like ´´ oi tudo bem´´ and in that moment he picked up his hand and smacked me right across the face, way hard and kept walking without missing a beat, I think he muttered something about Americans but anyways I was stunned, I had no idea that would ever happen, I just stood there like seriously did that just happen and after about 10 seconds of silence, I just started laughing and my companion started laughing, hahahahaha the whole way home my companion was like ´´dude you just got smacked´´ hahah. I was like ´´I know weird huh´´ haha it was strange and hurt but makes for a good story! This new area is a ghetto and dangerous but I'm lovin it!

Story 2- so we had to go to BH for a meeting yesterday and wow, we got lost lets just say the ride there was suppose to be 45 minutes and we arrived a grand total of 4 and a half hours later, haha took the wrong bus and the whole bit! It was annoying but we made it!

Missions can be so fun! There are so many times that your heart is filled with pure joy because the spirit is so strong! Well this is what I will write for this week, we have a zoo here and we might go to it today! but to bad its not free, you lucky ducks! So talk to you later and I'll let you know how Brazilian zoos are next week! love you all
Elder Anderson

oh and here is a story my mom gave me, I loved it and you will too!

SAMUEL SMITH HAD NO BAPTISMS HIS WHOLE MISSION. He placed two Books of Mormon. One he placed with a Reverend John Green. John had listened to Samuel's story and said he wasn't interested but his wife was - Rhoda Green. He also said he would like a copy in case he ran into anyone who was interested. The second Book of Mormon he placed was to Phineas Young. He wanted the book so he could read it and educate his congregation to the false teachings contained inside. Samuel came home after many long hard months. When he greeted Joseph, Joseph asked him how many new members had he brought into the kingdom. Samuel replied - none and felt like he had failed.
What Samuel did not know but the Lord did was that Phineas Young and Rhoda Green were brother and sister. They had another brother - Brigham Young. They gave the book to Brigham Young who read it and gave it to Heber C. Kimball who read it and gave it to Willard Richards. Because of a missionary that had an "UNSUCCESSFUL" mission, never baptized anyone and only placed two Book of Mormons - over 7,000 people came into the church, several of whom would become General Authorities.
There is no such thing as an unsuccessful mission. There are days that are discouraging. Visiting authorities used to tell us in our mission that it sometimes takes up to 25 contacts before the gospel - Book of Mormon clicks in some one's mind. So any contact you do is helping the Lord's work along. You are now part of the "Missionary Chain". Well my son Have an incredible week, know I love you. Mom


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

So I have been transferred again, as soon as I start getting comfortable the President moves me, haha! I am in a Bairro called Progresso in downtown Belo Horizonte! I have a companion that is 6'3" and his name is Elder Brown, haha I already get crap for being so tall all the time, but now haha we are going to get crap! It's been a great week, we found tons of baptisms for this next week in Congonhas so Elder Payne will love that, but for now I'm looking at the future here! We are going to work way hard! But, there is a ton of responsibilities and places we have to go because ZL´s have that responsibility! I don't have much time this week so I will tell one story of this past week and I gotta go! But, I will write more next week.

Story- so we had another guy kiss our hand this past week! He was drunk of course and he wanted us to come in his room kneel down and give a prayer, he said that he wanted to give it and he started, it consisted of him yelling and saying OH JESUS over and over again, Elder Payne was trying so hard not to laugh, and after he got done, like 5 minutes later, he held out his hands for our hands and then kissed him! haha it was soooo funny! I am having a good time but it definitely can be hard sometimes! I grow more and more everyday! I love Brazil and I miss you all tons!

I am glad you had a fun time camping! And be safe in Nauvoo! Ciara learn tons there and write me all about your experience! peace out for a week tchau tchau!
Elder Anderson