Family Letter, Wednesday, May 26

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing amazing, I am sending a bunch of letters out to all of you. I need the address of Cory and I need addresses of like the Jensens and the Pearsons, and stuff because I lost the paper, love you all!

So this week has been a awesome week, we have 3 more strong baptisms, probably this week as long as we work harder than the devil. We taught this drunk guy last night and one hand looked like a ninja turtle hand, when we left he kissed my hand haha and he was like to my companion, come here, come here, haha. He knew that he wanted to kiss his hand and he was like oh boy haha. I was like just let him, his lips are very soft haha its was funny! There are so many drunk people here, and I love helping them out, helping them back to their houses when they are laying in the road and giving them little messages to let them know they need to change their lives. This could possibly be the last week in this area and that is sad because I really am in love with Congonhas and my companion is cool, we get along so well now and have so many laughs, haha I am just waiting for that one companion that is really going to test my patience haha,

This gospel is so important to me! Everyone that reads this needs to try and wrap there head around eternity, and what kind of happiness that they are going to want for eternity, that is one thing I have been trying to do more often is to think of everything with an eternal perspective and I feel like that really has been blessing my life!

That is so exciting about Nauvoo, I am so excited for you to go and learn a bunch and really have your testimony strengthened! This gospel is so amazing and we all have so much to learn! I NEED TO GIVE A SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO JULIE ANDERSON AND CIARA ANDERSON BECAUSE IT IS THEIR BIRTHDAY THIS NEXT WEEK! SO IF YOU CAN CALL THEM UP AND SING TO THEM OR SOMETHING! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM AND C C I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH AND YOU ARE BOTH SO AMAZING!

everything is going really good here, me and my companion are going to go to a really cool waterfall today so that will be fun! smile so much this week and love the Lord with all your heart! love you all!
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, May 19,2010

Fw: Another week in brazil!

So this week was a week of a lot of work! Here are some of the things that happened:

Interview- so me and my companion have to start doing baptism interviews, and we had one we had to do in Ponchenovo. It is about 6 hours bus ride away from where we are, so we wake up in the morning early, pretty much eat nothing all day and are on the bus for 12 hours round trip haha. Lets just say it's not the most pleasant trip, we didn't make it till a little later this last Thursday so we had to stay over night at the missionaries house there. The missionaries there are Elder Clites and yep Elder Excell haha. It was an interesting night and I'll leave it at that, people didn't get along and you know what I mean, haha. We got home, felt like crap and went right out to work haha

Chocalate aka antonio- hahaha this was what made my night, remember how I told you about that guy who is cheating on his wife and commiting adultry when we talked on the phone? Well we have been thinking and preparing something speciall for him. We wanted to take Armondo with us and not tell him anything about what was going to happen and then just burn this guy, while Armondo is thinking this is going to be just a normal lesson, so we haven't had time lately but the other day, actually last night, we were walking to a house to teach someone with Armondo and we saw this guy on the side of the road helping his friend fix his motorcycle and we were like this is too perfect there is Antonio and we have Armando haha. We talk with Antonio and he says he doesn't live here so we knock on the nearest door and this lady comes to the door and we ask if all of us can come in and share a message. She was old and super nice and said of course we could, haha no one had any idea what was going to happen, except us hahahahaha. Antonio had no idea that we knew so we started with the lesson and Elder Payne pulled out the chastity pamphlet and we just started to go off about chasity then we read the commandment about adultry and then the old lady started getting into it and saying that anyone who commits adultry is horrible and all this haha then we said everyone in this room needs to make a covenant right then that they would live this commadment, we went around the room and made a covenant, it was so intense, so the lesson was over and we prayed and left. Armondo was like what in the crap was that, but obviously he said it in Portugese, hahaha we just started laughing and told him the story hahah he was so mad at me, what a great night! haha

So this week has been pretty good but hard, I love you all so much! I hope everything goes well with Bryton and everything! I love him and he definitely needs to do this! Telll him we will hang out all the time when I get home! Ii will probably be in the office after this next transfer in a couple weeks, so I will get all the mail then, I'll pray hard for everyone, grandma, the dog, Bryton, Braden, everyone in the family specifically, Marissa, everyone, so hard, I want you all to be taken care of, tell Bryton that I know he needs to do this and I love him, I will send a letter for him, anyways, keep doing awesome and having a good time, don't forget to have some fun times and joy in your lives! I love you all very much and God loves you all very much! Elder Anderson


Letter to the Family, Wednesday May 5, 2010

Hey everyone! Hope this week has been amazing for everyone, sounds like everyone is doing well, except mom, get feeling better ASAP!
So this week has been really good!
THE DIVISION- so I had a division with a Brazilian here because my companion had to go to another city, he is such a good teacher and we taught a lot of good lessons, he is so funny! We laughed the whole night and then we went to Family night/a birthday party, it was so fun, good food, lots of people, and of course a drunk guy haha. After we got done praying, he started going off on how we don't believe in Christ and all this stuff then had his own prayer with his wife that was weird and I have never seen before, they were raising their hands in the air and everything haha. Everyone thought they were weird haha so yeah it was fun.
FAMILY OF 7- so we were walking by this family on the road and this little girl looked at us and said mai un e grandao e un e pequeno she said one is big and one small, while she looked at me and my companion, we started to laugh and started to talk to them, we asked if we could share a message with them and she said yes, we walked to the house with them and taught an amazing lesson with the spirit so strong, after the lesson they said they would all be baptized, but then the mom said she needed to talk to us alone. We went in the kitchen and she started to tell us how she is with a man who is married and how bad she feels about it, so after tons of talking and some tears, and some practicing, we get her to call this guy to tell him it is over, she calls and says it quietly and he didn't under stand. The whole time we are telling her to talk louder and it was just a big mess, she didn't end up doing it that night, but tonight she is! Me and my companion prepared a special message for this guy, we are going to go teach him a little bit about adultery haha
THE INCIDENT-so with this mom of 6, the family I just talked about she wanted a blessing because her arm really hurt, so we are giving a blessing and you are not going to believe what happened, half way through the blessing she passes out falls forward out of her chair and bashes her head on the oven, we were like OH MY!! We ran over there and turned her over, I checked for a pulse she had one, then about a minute later she came too! She had no idea what happened, I have no idea what happened, she is going to the doctors to get it checked out, all I know is that we were giving her a blessing for her arm and after the fall her head and knee were hurt. It was crazy, luckily she didn't blame the blessing on this, I could have sworn that is was Alma the Younger and God took her away into a vision or something! haha weird huh?
So that is a couple of the weird things that happened to me this week! It's been crazy but fun and we have a lot of baptisms coming up which is exciting! Missions rock! So I hope everyone has a great week and yeah mom you can send the letters to the mission home, peace out fam! love you all! love you Marissa! peace love
Elder Anderson


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hey, another week in Brazil, it has been a crazy week. First off we have a stalker named Gilsom and he is seriously mentally handicapped. He calls our phone like not even joking 40 times a day, and apparently with the last missionaries while they were saying a prayer at his house he tried to hit them, luckily he doesn't know our address, but all is well and the Lord is protecting us. We are baptizing a girl this week so that will be good, this new area is nice, a lot less poor then my last area but we definitely are not getting into houses as much as the last area. But the people in Brazil are really nice and they are usually pretty inviting, you run into seriously the weirdest stuff here that just makes you laugh. There is this handicapped guy that sits outside with a pole and string in the road and he honestly thinks he is fishing, weird I know! haha The members here are a littly crazy and when I say a little I mean a lot. There are the weirdest little things they do, like while we are saying a prayer they say their own prayer soooo they still have there heads bowed even after you say Amen. My language is coming along amazing, people can't even believe I have only been here for 3 weeks. I could be by myself now and get along good, when I got thrown into it like this it just flew. Because you know how much I love to talk to people! I am going to try and send some pictures soon love you all and have a great week! peace out
Elder Anderson
it wont let me send any pictues so I just will sent my memory card in the mail but I need my other memory card so if you can send it that will be awesome love you all