April 21, 2010 First Transfer

My Week

Wow, this has been a crazy week! Wow! I mean wow! There has been so much crazy stuff that has happened! First off I got transfered today so I am in a big city now well not to big but a lot bigger than the last, my house is soooooooooo much nicer, So this last week we taught a guy that was so so smart, we gave him the Book of Mormon to read and the next day when we came back he had it all read, all marked and cross referenced with the Bible, then he started to try and prove the Book of Mormon wrong, then my companion stood up and promised him in the Name of Jesus Christ that he would know the truth of this gospel after this life, then the guy said i promise in the name of Jesus Christ that this book is false and Joseph Smith is a liar, wow talk about drama, so yeah there is so much crazy stuff that happened, last night I had nothing, I slept on a mattress with no sheets, I had no pillow and no belongings, I used an old towel to warm myself, haha but I have all my stuff again and I am in a much nicer house yay. I have been traveling all day and I have like no time to email this week! I love you all very much and I want to give a special shout out to my beautiful Marissa, ta ta until next week! wow I want some banana pancakes! love you all I'm safe and doing amazing, I'll write a lot more next week!
Elder Anderson


My Week April 14,2010

My week has been another crazy one! We are going to be baptizing with some serious force here, we have 14 going to church this Sunday and it is only half way through the week. I woke up this morning to the sound of our broken rooster, he crows all night long haha so I woke up at 3 luckily I got back to bed without a problem. After I wake up in the morning we usually have the same thing, rice and noodles hahaha wow! We have been eating better though because people are loving us and starting to make us food! We had some really delicious lasagna last night! So I cant even believe it but we have seen two miracles already, God is so amazing, first we healed a guy immediately after a blessing, he was extremely sick and after was up happy and smiling. We are working hard to get this ward started, and walking a lot. This is another miracle that just shows me how much God loves us, so there is a family we are teaching and the first time we knocked on the door the dad let us in and we started teaching, the lady told us after the lesson that she was praying 20 minutes before we got there, asking god to send her angels and now she calls us her angels. So we started teaching and a few days passed and we were teaching the whole family, him, her, their daughter and her boyfriend/husband and a super cute little baby girl, so we were teaching and we told the daughter that if she did everthing that we asked her she would know the truthfulness of this gospel by this Saturday, then she broke down and told us that a little bit back she was so confused about religion because there is so much crazy stuff here, and she was praying to God and said that she would stop drinking pop for the next 30 days if he gave her the truth, and guess what day this Saturday landed on, the exact 30 day mark! Wow I was blown away, the Lord is really guiding this work, I don't even know were to get started on, on how much my testimony has grown. I am becoming a bible scholar fast, we have to with this many crazy churches, all I can say is our church is true and guided by the Lord, there is absolutely no doubt and I love this gospel, there are a lot of churches teaching crazy stuff that can be shown is wrong in the Bible. I love everyone here no matter what and I love teaching, waching the spirit touch someones life! We are opening up new neighborhoods that have never been touched or heard about our message, this is such an amazing experience! This last week we had a guy going to church with deformed legs and it was hard to get him in the car, he was such a nice guy and had a great time at church but when we got back he just straight up denied it, it was weird! The grocery stores here are cool, a lot of good fruit, you all need to get online and find out the recipe for avocado shakes, sounds gross I know, but get online and make them! yum! Seriously I'm not just saying that, so anyways the grocery stores here, everything is really cheap and its funny they dont have 1 cent coins so they just round up of down on everything and it has to be taking an effect on the economy! anyways! I love you all very much, I am healthy and lost more and more weight from walking so much, Ii am going to be so fit when I get home, weird I know!
love you all!
Elder anderson


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This has been the craziest week of my life. Everything is so different and to be honest I don't think anything could have ever prepared me for it. I flew in from Miami on a crazy flight, I was talking to you all and next thing I know I am on a plane with people who could only speak Portuguese and it was intimidating, then I got to the airport after a horrible ride of not sleeping, the airport was so crappy hahaha it was so funny. I was like oh know what am I getting into, then we had some Elders waiting for us outside the airport and luckily all my bags got there safely we then went to the mission home and it was a different world outside, full of poor houses, but lots of color and very beautiful, we got to the mission home and everyone was so nice to us, the mission president took us out to dinner and it was delicious, then I met my companion Elder Wellard and he is really cool, he is smart and very funny, we have so so so much in common and he speaks English which was comforting, so we got assigned to our area and we got a area that they just barely opened up and has lots of potential, it is the poorest part in our mission and I didn't know what to expect when I got there, we walked to the bus stop in a huge rainstorm, it has never rained like this in the states haha and my companion said that it was nothing and told me to just wait. We got on the bus and we drove for a hour and half and we were out of the city and I found out soon enough that our area was in a jungle haha Wow, everything was such a shock to me and I was and am loving it, okay imagine the poorest house you have ever seen in the states and that is better than the richest persons house here. We walked into our house and I just started laughing, it is pretty awesome, haha we have to put our mattresses up every day or mold will grow on them, just wait for the pictures luckily our house is one of the nicest in the area, haha well.... every day has been a new experience for me, the first night I got here we went out to teach some lessons, Brazilians are so nice and invite you in alot, on the way to knock on our first house we ran into a crowd of people walking down the road chanting and what not with candles, haha there are tons of little churches here that do the weirdest things, we walk by them and they are all just screaming and talking in tounges, so after we got here, all the churches got together and went out and passed out a paper that was how to stop a Mormon haha so we have had a lot of people here our message go and get their paper and try to bible bash with us, we would thank them most the time and leave, but my companion is so smart and he would burn them sometimes haha, so this last Sunday, my very first Sunday I actually baptized two people, it was such an amazing experience and so awesome, we were told when we were assigned here that we had to make a ward, so we have to find 11 men who can have the preisthood to baptize. I have never walked so much in my life, we walk probably 15 miles a day and eat normally 1 meal a day, because there are no members to feed us, it is so so awesome and I am really doing so awesome, most of the houses we go to during the prayer they start saying stuff because that is how they do it, haha it really freaked me out the first time, everything is going so good here and I am loving life the people are really nice, I am settling in nice and loving the people and the crazy crazy driving and teaching the gospel. I have never realized till now and hearing all this other stuff from other churches about how perfect our message really is! I love it I love all of you so much and it was awesome to talk on the phone with you! I have such a strong testiomony and I am going to keep working so hard
Elder Anderson


Calls from the Airport, Tuesday, March 30

We couldn't have asked for a better ending of the month of March. Chase finally getting to go out to Brazil on his mission. What a wonderful day of talking with him and hearing all about his mission so far. Everyone was in tears, dad and moms tears were delayed till the next day, but it was pure sweetness to hear of his growth and excitement for his service to the Lord. May the force be with him for the next two years and may he spread the gospel and have the gift of tongues given to him. We love you Chase and miss and think of you every day. Can't wait to hear from him. We will add to his post when we do.

Friday March 26 Off to Brazil, finally

Family-I got my visa! I am so excited! I will be calling home tonight at 8, so be ready but I only have five minutes! I leave on Tuesday and I will be flying from SLC at 12:05 pm to Texas where I will arive at 3:35 pm. I am going to have some time to call home then, from 3:35 till 5 so I can have some time to talk more :) then I fly to Miami and right to Belo Horizonte! ahhhh its happening and I am so excited! Sounds like this week has been crazy for everyone at home but its good to hear that the Lord is blessing all your lives! I am having a very good week especially because of the visa but other than that I have been teaching with the spirit so much and getting better at Portuguese, I am excited to jump into Brazil and be a complete gringo haha. I can't wait to love everyone with all my heart and show them the Atonement and the power of it! My testimony has grown a million times over here, I know this gospel is true and I love it so much! Everyone at home is in my prayers! every prayer! if there is anything extra that you need prayed about other than what I know let me know and I will pray and fast for it! It's very surreal to be leaving to Brazil now, it's almost seemed like it wasn't real and it still hasn't quite hit me yet! I am excited and nervous and have so many feelings running through my body but I know that Lord loves me and I have no need to fear. Fear is the absence of faith so I will not fear, talk to you tonight at 8 love you all have a great week!
Elder Anderson