Friday, March 19, 2010

Thanks mom for your awesome uplifting letter, you are in every one of my prayers and I know that this surgery is going to go great! I will continue to pray and fast for you! That is so sad to hear about Braden and how fast his life is slipping away, I know that God does work in mysterious ways, I know God loves him and I know this could be the thing in his life that could change how he does things, well hopefully it does! Watch Bryton very carefully, when I get home I am watching over him and Ciara and other kids that are close to us, because we need strong children and they have so much potential that they can't even see yet, try your hardest to help him! You are amazing mom and you will be eternally blessed for this! So my week has been doing really good, I have been sick, but I have been having some awesome experiences and really feeling the spirit, we got the chance to hear from Quinton L. Cook and it was an amazing talk. This gospel is so amazing and there is so much potential we have, our family together forever, how awesome is that going to be! I love my family so much! The closer we become to God the closer we become to our family, get Ciara and Bryton reading the Book of Mormon, I am challenging them and if they read it all the way through I will send them something awesome from Brazil! Let them know that! So yeah I am so excited to get out of here and I can't wait to get my visa, hopefully in the next couple of days! I am learning so much here, when I get thrown into the field all I know is that I am going to be drowning haha its going to be awesome. Hopefully I can get through the first couple months and still be able to touch peoples hearts with the spirit! I have been getting tossed around a lot, I have two new companions, Elder Morgan and Elder Thunell. I love Elder Morgan, he is so so awesome and we are going to be way good friends when I get back. I am getting really good at packing up my suit case and moving it from room to room, I still am getting more and more anxious to leave, I ask myself is there someones life I have to touch or something, I love this gospel I love Jesus Christ and his Atonement, Jesus is the only person to know us all personally! The scriptures are amazing and I love you all. Have a great week and smile as much as possible!

Elder Anderson


Friday, March 12, 2010

Hey fam sorry if I haven't been answering all the questions. I hate the email here at the MTC I always try to print stuff off but it always cuts off like half the letter. I am trying my hardest with this, I will try and do better, well my companion got re-assigned and now I am the only one left in my district. I have 3 teachers just for me and I have no idea who my companion is going to be. The reason I didnt get reassigned because the people at the embassy said that they had all my stuff and it should be processed and here in a week or two. I am learning so much and my teaching has really been improving, I love talking to people and teaching with the spirit, you watch out for those nuts mom, we dont want anything bad to happen. The Lord loves you so much and wants to see you happy.
I know that. Sounds like there is a lot of babysitting going on, that is awesome, little kids are so much fun, I wish I could hold little Charlotte in my arms right now. My week has been good tons of stuff coming at me it never seems like there is enough time in a day, Ii wish I was a vampire so I could stay up all night but I don't think that people would want to listen to the gospel from a vampire, wow I just got off topic, i hope no one feels like i am neglecting them, if you do let me know and i will write you a personal letter, i want you to all be happy with me, it gets busy here and not too much time on this computer so I cant write long. It will definitely be a little more relaxing when I get into the field, that is so awesome Ciara got on the golf team, way awesome, I love you mom and dad so much and all that you have ever done for me which is a ton, I love you Cory and Jessica. I hope school and work is going well. I love you Chad and Kina and little Char Char don't let the lack of sleep get you down, Ciara be strong, times are only going to get harder for the rising generation and its time to stand up and be the best we can. I love you aall so much and I know that this gospel is true, without a doubt I love my Savior and I love all of you
Elder Anderson


Friday, March 5, 2010

Elder Excell is gone and I have a new companion. I promise the pictures are coming very soon. My new companions name is Elder Freeman. He is so awesome. He is the most easy going guy to work with and that is really nice with the responsibilities I have. TRC was so good this week, we did the second lesson in Portuguese and I think the spirit was really strong. The gym class now is empty because visas are coming in so fast. Two more visas came in today, now there is only me and Freeman in our district its really weird but it's good to know that they are comin in on a pretty regular basis, we had a new batch of missionaries come in Wednesday and I always love that, I can't wait to be the newbie when I get out in the field. I am getting better and better at Portuguese, that's all we speak anymore I never thought in a million years I could learn this fast, I know though when I get to Brazil that I won't understand a lot because they speak so stinkin fast haha. One of the best things here are the devotionals, I leave out of them with my heart full of the spirit and prepared for the week. The temple was so amazing today the more and more I go the better and more awesome it gets. When I get home I can't wait to teach you some of the awesome things I have learned on a mission and I have only been out here for a little bit. Time flies so so so so fast it is crazy, you can't even explain it till you are here, you accomplish more in a day than most people could in a week. I love teaching this gospel so much, we have the opportunity to call people who have ordered a Book or Mormon and get them talking and start teaching. I have 3 investigators that are so interested that I am teaching the 2nd lesson to them tomorrow. Thank you all for your support, it's so nice to come home after your brain is fried from Portuguese and to look at your pictures and read your letters, because I print them off and read them later because I only have so much time. Today is so hectic it seems like today I have been running around with my head cut off, haha The snow is crazy it was sunny yesterday morning and now look at it, its the middle of winter, Utah is so a.d.d haha. Tell me all about little Charlotte ahhhh I miss that little cutie make sure you give her some extra love for me, but yeah everything is going well here and I love you all so much, I can't wait to write more tomorrow, stay strong in the gospel so we can all party in heaven. I love you all so much Elder Anderson