Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dear family and loved ones, especially my Marissa!

This week has been very awesome, with a lot of funny moments, a lot of frustration, but the work of the Lord always goes on! When Jesus was here he organized his gospel and he taught it, it consists of 5 princples that if we follow, we will be happy. They are:
4-receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost
5-enduring to the end

It's so simple! But, for some reason, so hard for people to follow! Today, I. want to talk about enduring to the end. We need need need to endure to the end, and that consists of reading the scriptures every day, going to church every week, keeping all the commandments, praying morning and night and throughout the day, loving God above all things, and loving our neighbor (which includes everyone we come in contact with)! It's so simple, doing these things brings happiness, not doing these things brings sadness, so look at this list and if there is something you are not doing and you are feeling sad, BINGO! haha stay happy this holiday season, after all it is called the ´´THE PLAN OF HAPPINESS´´ remember our Lord, Jesus Christ, learn about his life and try and follow his perfect example! I love you all and more important God loves you all with an infinite love you can't even imagine!

Haha, I am trying to think of a funny story to tell but it's only funny if you speak portuguese!

Oh wait, I have one... haha we taught some people this week and it was so funny, people normally have no problem understanding us, because we are practically Brazilian, haha but this week we had a guy and i swear he just refused to understand anything that we said, haha we tried forever to get him to understand, but it failed horribly, he just didnt want to, that is what makes me feel better, haha there is another lady that we are teaching and she is practically deaf haha she is so awesome, she is good but, we are having the hardest time teaching her, we are trying to teach her everything that she has to know by writing it down, but she doesn't read very well either! haha wow it is a little complicated, she lives all be herself with a dog that is serisously the fattest dog I have ever seen, especially for its size! haha so thats my week! I love the mission and I love this gospel, and I love all of you soo sooo sooo much! Have a great week!
Elder Anderson

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