Wow, no transfer, Wednesday, November 17,2010

This week has been crazy, first off my first companion from the MTC, Elder Excell went home, I don't know why, but he did, and another thing, I am still here in Vaneza for this next transfer and I have a new companion he is an American and his name is Elder Gagon and he is from Sandy. He is really cool and I am excited to start this new transfer, I have set up a joke tonight for my companion, he doesn't know, but we are going to go to a recent converts and pretend we are just knocking doors, they will answer and say we can enter, then they will start to talk bad about the church and we will start to fight, it is going to be hilarious! We are going to get it all on video hahaha! During the week, there was a giant thunderstorm and we saw it coming and we were on the top of a mountain, we started to run so we could make it to a house, we were without umbrellas, haha lets just say we lost, hahaha. We were soaked from head to toe,our scriptures were soaked haha everything was, haha well it was a moment in our lives when we had to learn to ``dance in the rain`` haha It was awesome! We have a couple firm baptisms for this week, more from the Road of Happiness, I think we have baptized 25 or more people there haha it is awesome! Alright well I love the lord, I love this work! and I hope you have an amazing week and remember the Lord in all that you do! Peace out until next week.
Elder Anderson

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