Wednesday, November 3, 2010 GOING STRONG

So this week has been very amazing! We had Elder Bednar visit, and it was so great, he entered and wanted to shake every one's hand, so one by one we shook his hand as he gazed into our souls haha. I passed haha, so he gave an amazing talk, talked a ton about false traditions in the church, like taking notes during talks that we will never look at again, haha. He told us to so write down personal revelations that we receive during talks, and the rest of the talk he talked about faith and teaching and learning by the spirit! He told some personal stories that we can't send in emails or tell, and we had a great meeting learning by the spirit with him! I learned so many things, and our teaching is already starting to change so much! It was great!

Well the funny story, I will tell for this week, we had this man that was so crazy, he was on the road, he saw me and Elder Silva Souza and he started to say so many bad things about us, swearing and saying horrible things about Americans, we started to compliment him, trying to kill his anger with love and it just made him more angry, he said he was going to punch us if we didn't stop, so we didn't want to get beat up by this old man so we stopped talking. Haha, two days later, he passed us on the road again, and started to say horrible things about me and Americans, I asked him why he hated me, when I did nothing to him, then I started to talk to him, saying sorry if you don't like Americans, but we are representatives of Jesus Christ and lots of other things, let's just say the story ended with him looking at my family pictures saying, I'm so sorry, I;m so sorry, and now he has a date to be baptized! I love the Lord and the power of the spirit in the convincing of man! Special shout out to Marrissa! She is leaving on her mission to temple square this next Wednesday! I am soooooo happy for her! Everyone show her your love!
love Elder Anderson

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