Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marissa entered the mission home and it was just like reliving Chase going on his mission. Lots of tears but again Look to the future! Now the letter this week from Chase:
TUDO BEM GENTE! Alright! so another week, it is almost the end of the transfer here, and I have a feeling I will get transferred this time! I am loving it here and don't want to leave, but where the Lord sends me I will go! So this week it has been raining a ton! I am loving it, I have fell two times, one time my companion said I slipped in horse poop, but who knows it was dark and raining and the other time I was going down a dirt hill in the rain, luckily I saved both of them and I didn't get too dirty! Everything is going great here! We have a couple of baptisms, one of them is a little boy, who doesn't have food every day, his mom is a prostitute and never is home, he is loving the church and the activities, we have hooked him up with some good friends in the church, he has so much potential, he is super smart and super independent. Church this last week was canceled after sacrament because there was not water in this area, I don't know why they canceled it but they did! It is so amazing how Satan works, he will use anybody and anyone to try and stop the work of the Lord, but it just continues, the pathway is narrow straight and up hill! haha We have one recent convert and her family has completely disowned her for being a member of the church, so she had to move a couple hours away, but every Sunday she is in the church, the first one there, happy and content with life! I am so grateful for the chance I have to see these miracles! The Lord will always work miracles in our life, we just need to have confidence and trust in him, we need to do our part and he will do the rest! Thanks everyone for being so amazing! I love you all tons! Peace out and have a great week!
Elder Anderson

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