Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Yo yo yo! Sooo let's talk about life! Life is going well here in Brazil! I have little time to write today because I am going to the center of Belo Horizonte today! Lets see! It is raining a ton here and is so hot too because it is so humid! We had a baptism that was really cool this last week, everyone was ready, we were singing the hymn right before the baptism, and the lights went out and was a black out in the whole city because it was raining so hard!! But did that stop us! NO! of course not, we did the baptism by the little lights on the telephones! haha it was really cool! Not many people can say they have been baptized in the darkness with only cellphone lights, lighting the way! Oh and also this week we have interviews, with president, wow he is such and amazing man and so animated and so funny, and super smart! We always leave him pumped and ready to work are butts off! So that was my week! I am sorry I have like no time this week, but I love you all so much! Have a great week! I will send more letters out to the people I am neglecting, if you feel this way let me know! I love you all! peace out, Elder Bednar comes on the 29th of october, I'm so excited! ahhh
Elder Anderson

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