Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Alright, lets talk about this week in Brazil, for some reason this week passed way slow, it seems like forever that I have emailed! Well lets talk about some things that have happened this week!

One day at lunch when we were eating there was this little girl that is 5 years old with us and she ate her whole plate of food, she was so proud that she ate it all but when she wasn't looking I put a spoonful of my rice on her plate, and then I was like ´´are you not going to eat all your food´´ haha, it was so funny she thought for sure she ate it all, but she ate the rice and then like one minute later she started to cry hahaha and we were like whats wrong, and she said her mouth was burning, I forgot that I had hot pepper juice on my rice hahaha. She was crying and I felt so bad but we made her feel better by giving her chocolate!

So we have some elders that are our neighbors and they recieved bicho de pé, or in English animal of the foot, ha it's this little animal that gets in the foot and starts eating the tissue, then it starts to lay eggs and they grow and grow and eat more foot, haha they are in the hospital right now getting them taken out, haha I hope I never get this, nasty, that is one thing that is so disgusting, gross things happening with the feet!

This week has been fun with a lot of laughs! I am excited for another exciting week! I hope everyone is reading their scriptures and saying their prayers, because if you're not I know Heavenly Father is not happy! do this and stay happy and know I love you all! have a great week! até mais!
Elder Anderson

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