No Transfer YEA! Wed.Oct. 6, 2010

Bom, tudo está bem por aqui. Que bom que vocês estão bem também. Que negócio é esse que vai começar aí? Não entendi muito bem, você escreveu bem errado, é melhor se você continuar com seu proprio idioma, mas vai fundo que pode dar certo. Que bom, Hug, seria bom, mas não posso e não tem aqui. ta tchau
com carinho
elder anderson

Hey what's up fam! This is the letter I wrote for Chad so if you guys can help him figure out what it says that would be nice of you! Alright it has been another week here in Venza in the beautiful country of Brazil, I am going to be staying here for this next transfer and I am so excited because we haven't baptized all of the "road of happiness" yet but, we will make it this transfer! So this week has been very funny! It has been raining a lot and you know what that means, me falling, covered in mud and laughing tons! I wish you could have been there! We were laughing so hard! Oh and another funny thing, on the mission you meet the most interesting people haha, we were teaching a lesson yesterday and there was this old lady who was very sweet and she had a husband that was losing his mind, and during the lesson total he was calling her saying lourdes lourdes lourdes, and then he would throw in DIABO haha which means devil haha it was so funny he would call here name and then call her devil, haha we were trying so hard not to laugh but it was a failed effort, during the prayer he was doing it and it was so stinkin funny! The people here are hilarious, she was laughing too, she says that he just sits there all day and says horrible things haha it made me think of Grandpa Hanks!

So general confrence was so amazing, even though I had to watch it in Portugese and didn't get to hear their voices, I learned so much and we have been using a lot of what they said in their teaching, I watched priesthood confrence this week too! But, after conference we had a baptism, this lady is like 60 years old and so so funny, we found her knocking on doors! She wanted me to baptize her so I walked her through on how it would happen, and I told her to plug her nose, so we entered the water and after her taking a ton of time because the water was really cold, we were ready, I said the prayer and she went under, when she came up she started to cough tons, haha she took in a good amount of water, she forgot to close her mouth haha I have never seen something like this haha it was good, she had a good baptism and she is super firm, telling her friends about the church that she has found the only true church in the world, she is so amazing!

But yeah this has been my week, I hope this letter is a little better to make up for last week! I love this gospel so much and I know we have a living prophet here on this earth! I love him so much! God loves us all!
Have a great week and smile a lot!
Elder Anderson

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