Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hey everyone! I literally have like no time left in my hour to write very much! This week was awesome, it is the end of the transfer and we will baptize 6 people this week! I love you all tons! Make sure everyone watches conference! its a prophet like Moses or Noah, ahhh I love the prophet and I am so excited to watch! Love you all and peace out for this week, sorry I wrote like nothing, but I will write more next week!
love Elder Anderson

Mom's Letter-time is passing so quick, I can't believe another transfer is over and I'm almost at my nine month mark! You are such a good mom, taking care of the baby and the dogs, don't worry me and Marissa won't have a dog for a while! haha I am so excited to see the new yard when I get back, it is going to be very beautiful, dad always does an awesome job! haha I love you mom, I can cook stuff here, we got everything we need to cook, but I have a giant problem, I have no idea what happened to the white folder that dad put together for me about our family, and my patriarchal blessings was in it, could you possibly send them again, I am very sad because of that! I love you mom,
Have a great week!
The Lord loves you
Elder Anderson

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