Wednesday, September 23,2010

This week has been very good, we are teaching a lot of awesome families! The Lord has really been blessing us, there is this one family that we have been teaching and the mom has always hated us! She never would sit in the room or anything, she has been a spiritualist and has done lots of dark demon calling and stuff, and she was a pastor of a church at one point! But, yesterday we were teaching the family and in the middle of the lesson she walked in and told us a story at how she saw a Book of Mormon on her sons table and she picked it up and started to read it, and she said she remembered something she heard me say while she was in the other room, I asked her kids if they loved God, they said yes and then I asked how do you show this love for him, they said I don't know, but anyways this lady read a part and decided to pray about it and she told us she received a answer and that she wants to be baptized! The Lord is so amazing and works so many miracles! We have been stressing the importance of prayers so much more in our teaching and it is really making a difference, people are receiving a lot of answers! The power of prayer is so amazing! Make sure that you are always saying your prayers! That is one of the ways we can receive the personal revelation for our lives, Joseph Smith said that without revelation, that salvation cannot come, or something like that, its not a direct quote but close, so make sure you are always saying your prayers, keep this close personal contact with our Heavenly Father! Love you all have an amazing week and smile tons! When life gets to hard to stand kneel!
love Elder Anderson

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