Wednesday September 15, 2010

So how is everyone doing, I hope amazing! I know that my writing is getting a lot worse, haha oh my when i try and speak English, I sound very stupid, haha Portuguese is taking over! Oh well, I'll let it and get my English back after the mission! So this week has been so good! We have been marking a lot of baptism dates! And bringing back people who are less active! haha, we had a really funny experience with this boy that we are teaching. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom, he is 11 years old and he only had a problem with coffee, we taught him and committed him to stop drinking coffee! We returned the next day and asked him if he drank coffee, he said yes, and we were like WHAT WHY? and then his sister said he said a prayer, and we were like, okay you said a prayer after to say sorry with God, and he said no, he said he said a prayer first and asked God to bless the coffee so it wouldn't be bad for his body hahahahahaha oh my goodness, I almost died laughing so hard! I have never had a investigator do that hahahaha! Well we taught him he couldn't do that and he has stopped coffee and is going to be baptized this week! I really like this new area and the people that I have a opportunity to teach! It amazes me every day about how this is the Lords work and how people are prepared to hear this message! haha I love it! I love walking down the road and everyone staring at me because I'm a giant American with blonde hair and blue eyes, haha everyone freaks out! I love teaching and feeling the spirit always in my life! I love the support I get from my family, Marissa, and Marissas family! Thank you so much! I love life! The mission is amazing, this gospel is amazing! People don't know what happiness is until they have the gospel in their lifes! This is the goal for this week, find someone you know that is not a memeber or less active and get them in church this Sunday! Help them have the same happiness that you have! Keep up the good work, Bryton, you ladys man! I love you all! until next week!
Elder Anderson

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